Harley-Davidson raises revenue by selling more in US – News

Harley-Davidson raises revenue by selling more in US – News

Harley-Davidson copes Big changes Strategy for creating new models and in business choices around the world.

His Project Hardware Correction Sales models and policies began to bring positive results from the end of last year (with the then Rewire), and despite the external difficulties added by the epidemic, the economy affected the world.

Presented by American House Today Third quarter 2021 saw a good end in terms of revenue; A result was somewhat obscured by the best performance of the same period a year before 2015 when the best economic indicators were recorded.

Focuses Sale of motorcycles, Which refers to the main voice Nearly 80% of revenue Overall (another major portion of revenue comes from spare parts and accessories), global sales 50.800 unitTo do, Vail would say 6% less -13% compared to the third quarter of 2020 and 58,500 sales in 2019.

In however North America Thanks there was a small 2% increase 33.900 Bikes sold, they i Two-thirds Of the world.
The EMEA area, the second of importance and includesEurope Decreased by 16% 9.400 Sale.

By expanding the time limit January-September, Was world sales 160.300: If a 9% increase In 2020.
In 2019 they were a total of 179,050 units, with a fall of 10.5% in 2021-2019.

A 9% increase compared to 2020 is pending Only due to the increase in the North American market (+ 25%) 114,800 motorcycles sold: A slight increase in 2019 is worth it when 113,500 motorcycles were sold in the United States and Canada.

However, in other markets, the signs are negative: -18% in EMEA (24,600 units sold in nine months), Asia and the Pacific (-10% and 18,300 units) and Latin America (-45%). In practice nearly 115,000 motorcycles were sold North American market Weighted in 2021 72% of the world’s total.

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This is related to the disappearance of some specimens in Europe, in particular Athlete It had an important significance, which is related to i Duties It is still with the decision to abandon some countries to concentrate activity in the most lucrative areas and categories according to the new strategic plan.

In the third quarter The first nine months
Markets 2021 2020 Variation 2021 2020 Variation
North America 33.900 33.200 + 2,% 114.800 92,000 + 25%
EMEA 9.400 11.200 -16% 24.600 29.900 -18%
Asia Pacific 6.500 7.600 -15,% 18.300 20.300 -10%
America Latin 1,000 1.800 -41% 2.600 4.800 -45%
The whole world 50.800 53..00 -6% 160.300 147.000 + 9%

A good strategy

Revenue Harley-Davidson net worth $ 1.161 billion in third quarter+ 20%) And the first nine months 3.724 billion (+ 36%), Again depending on the same time periods of 2020.

For sale only motor cycle Revenue was seen rising 886 million In the third quarter (+ 29%) It 2,932 billion In the first nine months (+ 44%) When we compare these data with sales, we can see how the average value of motorcycles sold has increased.

The Total margin Decreased from 29.8% to 26.7% (but increased by 4.4 percentage points in the first nine months), while Operating income Increased to $ 98 million (+ 109%): In the first nine months it is 511 million Compared to just 10 in the same period in 2020.

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