“They did it already in 2016”

“They did it already in 2016”

Thanks to its good performance and continuity, Kalidou Coulibaly He received acclaim from many major clubs. The defender is now accustomed to the flattery coming from Italy, but above all from abroad, which he is trying to rival and snatch him from the blue field.

26 Napoli from the moment of his dedication became a pillar of the Napoli team, regardless of the coach on the bench. Without a doubt, even with Spalletti They were not disappointed with his enough performance to attract foreign clubs. In fact, there will be interest on his part Barcelona, who would be ready to welcome him to the team. His ex-lawyer, Bruno santintalk about it in Radio Mars during Mars Sport Livedeclaring:

When Kaleido was at the top, offers amounted to €80 million. It may be that he’s leaving this year, but it doesn’t seem to me that Barcelona are the richest team to be given a salary of a fantastic level. Choosing to focus on younger players isn’t really an option, some players couldn’t sell while others wanted to keep them.

After Covid, lowering the salary cap has become a necessity with less significant resources. In the case of Naples he will reduce it by 30%. I don’t know if De Laurentiis regretted not accepting Coulibaly’s previous offers, I think. Aurelio always wants to win a lot in negotiations, to be the boss. It became so complicated that no one in Europe wanted to deal with it“.

Kalidou Coulibaly (Photo by Francesco Pecoraro/Getty Images)

Satin reveals: ‘He never wanted to sell it’

also bruno satin Talk about his previous testimony on mics Radio Kiss Kiss Naplesrevealing the club’s already past interest and Aurelio’s will De Laurentiis to sell it or not. This has been reported:

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Barcelona had already submitted to Koulibaly in 2016-2017, with the sporting director at the time Fernandez. Calido arrived in Naples thanks to De Laurentiis, Bigon, Micheli and Benitez. Every year the president receives prestigious offers for Kalidou, But he never intended to sell it.

Koulibaly is an exceptional man and a very strong player, who still has several good years ahead of him. He’s fine in Naples and It feels Neapolitan on all fronts. He probably has a little more experience with power to tell the president what he wants to do, as opposed to when he was young and he was so kind that he didn’t want to irritate anyone.”

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