MacBook Air M3, you can't buy it for much benefit: what problem does it hide

MacBook Air M3, you can't buy it for much benefit: what problem does it hide

Apple's MacBook Air M3 delivers exceptional performance but has limitations that prevent extensive use.

The American giant company recently launched one of its leading products in the market, which is MacBook Air M3which seems to deliver on paper Truly exceptional performance. Introducing the new Apple PC Greater comfort Compared to previous models, thanks to its small, compact and flexible dimensions: it is therefore a more practical and manageable laptop, which nevertheless showed important limitations.

Temperature issues for the new Macbook Air – Image via Apple –

With Apple's new MacBook Air M3, we're not just facing unprecedented power. The new Mac Air model has Faster SSD Compared to the M2 model, as well Two NAND chips with a capacity of 128 GB Which can process tasks in parallel. This way it comes like this Increase data transfer speed And 256 GB storage spaceas opposed to the single 256GB SIM in the equivalent model with the M2 processor.

The latest version of New Air has attracted attention Professionals And Passionate The technology is universally recognized with its promise of superior performance and elegant design. but It's not all sunshine and roses.

Problems with the new MacBook Air

But there is another side of the same coin, which is related to an investigation Excessive temperatures In the process the temperature rises in numbers that cannot help but He worries And a lot too.

Mac overheating
The new MacBook Air M3 overheats (

Sure will One of the most popular computers of the last 20 years, thanks to the excellent performance and advanced design, but the new version of Apple devices suffers from some overheating problems. In fact, according to the results of some tests, the MacBook Air M3 can reach extreme temperatures during intense workloads: the hottest core of the M3 SoC has been reached 114°C.

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The CPU and GPU respectively reach a 107°C and 103°C. The MacBook Air M3 goes like this stuffy Thermal, or if the computer overheats, to avoid damage caused by excessive temperatures. This reduces frequency and power consumption to stabilize temperature. This led to a Significant drop in performance GraphicsWith a 27% drop in standardized tests.

There have been no widespread reports of overheating issues with the new M3 laptops, however, suggesting that although temperature may be an issue under high activity loads, the everyday use experience of the laptops activity a light You will not be affected.

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