Temperatures in Spain approach 30 degrees in the middle of winter

Temperatures in Spain approach 30 degrees in the middle of winter

Spanish thermometers are once again indicating temperatures well above normal. The arrival of the anticyclone this week brought temperatures to ten degrees above normal values ​​for this time of year. While temperatures should be between 10 and 15 degrees, numbers above 25 degrees were recorded in parts of the peninsula and even close to 30 degrees in several locations in Valencia and Murcia. Meteorologists warn that we are seeing spring (and even summer) temperatures in the middle of winter. “In some cases, the heat advanced for three months,” explains Rubén del Campo, from the government meteorological agency (Aemet).

For these latitudes, astronomical winter begins on December 22 and ends on March 20. During this season, according to an analysis by meteorologist Mar Gomez, the average temperature in Spain should be around 8 degrees, although this threshold can fluctuate significantly depending on the region. But what happens this year? According to weather records, 2024 began with a particularly warm spell with days well above normal. On Thursday alone, at least 16 absolute maximum temperature records for these dates were broken in the Aemet network. In two regions of Valencia, up to 30.7 degrees Celsius was recorded, according to data from Avamet, which would be the absolute record for winter heat across Europe.

Throughout last week, much of Spain recorded typical spring temperatures, more common in April. But in some cases, thermometers have risen significantly compared to their usual summer values. This is the case, for example, at Navacerrada station, located at an altitude of 1,900 metres, where thermometers on these dates should be at -1°C. According to meteorologist Roberto Granada, the average temperature in Madrid on Thursday was around 13.2 degrees Celsius. The specialist points out, “This means more than 14 degrees of abnormality.” “These numbers go back to the middle or end of June,” Del Campo points out. “In other words, summer.”

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Warmest days in 2024

The warm streak didn't just disrupt values ​​this week. In Barcelona, ​​for example, 65% of days recorded in 2024 so far have been warmer than normal. Of all these cases, at least four are close to some of the highest numbers ever recorded during those dates. This week, for example, when it was normal for Barcelona thermometers to register around ten degrees, an average of more than 15 degrees and a maximum of more than 20 degrees were recorded. This situation is repeated in almost every corner of the peninsula. In Madrid, half of the days in 2024 were warmer than usual. In cities such as Valencia and Granada, the warm line has characterized more than 80% of the days recorded so far.

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