The state fire department found three…

The state fire department found three…

The Generalitat Fire Department found the first lifeless body in the collapsed building at approximately 01:45 a.m. Carrer del canejo de Badalona Throughout the night, firefighters continued to clear the rubble and removed about 3 meters of debris. Later, at 06.30, they found a second victim under the rubble, and at 07.00, they found a third person. None of them have been identified.

The officers reported the discovery of the bodies to the Mossos d'Esquadra, who activated the judicial entourage through the investigation unit sent to the scene and initiated expert missions to recover the bodies and proceed with their identification.

Neighbors living on the intact floors of the damaged building will not be able to access their homes until a municipal technician can perform a structural assessment of the building. Meanwhile, Corps personnel in the area plan to continue working to clear the property until this afternoon to rule out the presence of more people trapped.

In the apparatus, the firefighters work with members of the local Badalona police, Mosos de Escodra, including Citizen Security, Scientific Police, Investigation Unit and Emergency Medical System (SEM) with a command unit, 6 ground units and a joint unit. A team with the Generalitat Fire Brigade and two teams of psychologists, 3 technicians from the Regional Civil Protection Operation to monitor the emergency in collaboration with the Badalona City Council, the Red Cross and CUESB (Barcelona Emergency and Social Emergencies Center) staff to take care of the evacuees.

General State Civil Protection keeps the PROCICAT emergency plan on alert in anticipation of a collapse.

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Cerdanyola del Valles, February 7, 2024

09.20 hours

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