Temperatures above 20°C a few days before Christmas which could be cold

Temperatures above 20°C a few days before Christmas which could be cold

BarcelonaThe entry of very warm air will determine the weather over the next few days. Between today and Tuesday the temperature will be excessively high for the season, although as is usually the case when such situations occur in December and January, the thermometer will not rise everywhere in the same way.

At points along the coastal and pre-coastal, maximum temperatures will easily jump above 20°C, and in some cases may even reach 25°C. In the high altitudes of the Pyrenees, the temperature will also rise significantly, causing it to exceed 10 degrees Celsius even above 2,000 metres. The snow that has fallen over the past few days has been counted.

In Ponente and in many other regions of central Catalonia and the Central Plateau, fog will gradually gain prominence and, even if it does not last all day, will prevent the temperature from rising significantly. In some cases, the weather will be colder in the coming days than it was at the beginning of December.

As for the condition of the sky, behind the banks of fog that may form in Ponente and Central Catalonia, some groups of thin clouds will also continue to circulate, but in general the sun will prevail.

The change should be expected next time between Wednesday and Thursday. The long-term forecast for new precipitation is not encouraging, but a shift in the scenario arriving mid-next week could leave noticeable snowfall in the western Pyrenees. It is also possible to rain in the eastern Pyrenees and in parts of Empordda and Garrotxa with little desire, but away from these sectors in the northern tip of Catalonia, it is unlikely to rain well.

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The probability maps that accumulate in total over the next nine days more than 5 l/m², or more than 20 l/m², or more than 50 l/m², or more than 100 l/m², clearly depict this temporal change that is not known. It is likely to be large. Outside these northern counties.

What is clear now is that this change in weather will once again open the door to the usual early winter weather. Temperatures will drop significantly starting Wednesday, and during the second part of next week the weather will once again return to being more winter than autumn.

It is uncertain whether these more normal temperatures will last much longer; It’s possible the temperature will rise again next weekend, but in the longer term, for now, the European Forecast Center’s weekly trend forecast predicts noticeably colder weather a week before Christmas and temperatures lower than most could touch. Temperatures. Europe, including the Iberian Peninsula.

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