“Europe can compete with China and the United States on the cloud, and we are ready to cooperate with PSN”

“Europe can compete with China and the United States on the cloud, and we are ready to cooperate with PSN”

OVHcloud is a founding member and one of the main promoters of Project Gaia – X, a project we understand from a participatory, shared and non-exclusive perspective. This means that there are no foreclosures towards any player, including non-Europeans. Of course, to be a part of Gaia-X, each actor must ensure that the guidelines adopted by the Federation are adhered to, ensuring full compliance with the provisions regarding policies and rules. The recent publication of a description of the Gaia-X system aims to determine who can really consider themselves according to their principles, if a company does not comply with these criteria, it should not be part of Gaia-X. Sharing information between public and private, European and non-European organizations is the key to achieving an innovative data system and, ultimately, a truly innovative digital economy. The goal is to create a business model that is able to combine maximum guarantees in terms of privacy and protection along with a level of quality of services that are always on top. In this sense, OVHcloud has signed partnerships with non-European companies that have proven their willingness to meet the growing needs in terms of data sovereignty. Our goal is to deliver technologies built on a trusted infrastructure to support and help companies in all industries maintain tight control over their data, enhance security, and ensure transparency and privacy when deploying cloud-native applications.

From an industrial point of view, no champion in Europe can compete with China and the United States. Will Europe still be competitive?

Europe has all the skills, techniques and capabilities to compete with Chinese and American players. In order for this potential to truly unfold, we specifically at the Consensus event in Rome defined four pillars to ensure the safe, organic and shared development of the digital economy in Europe. In the first place, it was agreed that adherence to rules and regulations, as mentioned earlier, is an essential step to creating a shared, safe and principled environment. It is linked to research and development activities, which must be further stimulated and supported to achieve technological supremacy, as well as thanks to the most effective and deep synergies between the public and private sectors, in a continuous relationship of mutual simulation. In this sense, it is essential to provide strategic, sustainable and long-term financing to contribute to the birth of true European leaders on a global scale. Of course, at the basis of every strategy are clear and effective education and training policies, which ensure that citizens, business leaders, and institutions are able to make safe and effective choices, and which ensure digital sovereignty for all. The ultimate goal is that a European player can not only compete on an equal footing with competitors from other continents, but create a group of digital champions originating in Europe who can provide advanced, efficient and innovative services around the world and promote Europe. digital lifestyle.

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What kind of industrial policy should be adopted to try to bridge the gap (given that 3 additional European companies control 70% of the cloud market)?

It is time for Europe to assume stronger leadership to lead its digital future and strengthen its technological supremacy. In order to be able to move towards further development, four main pillars have been agreed upon, which are being developed in three main phases: the short term (in the next three months), the medium term (until mid-2023) and the long term (after the half year. 2023): The rules and regulations that are key to a shared, secure and principles-based environment, with the same rules for all players, particularly in relation to data sovereignty. This scheme could be a prime example capable of having repercussions and impacts at a global level, creating rules that can be followed all over the world; Research and Development Given that the evolution of innovation and the achievement of technological sovereignty is possible by further stimulating the activity of standardized European R&D, and will be further enhanced through the synergistic integration of the public and private sectors, in a continuous exchange of funding matching relationship and tenders by providing strategic, sustainable and long-term funding to contribute to the The birth of true European leaders on a global scale; Education and training, ensuring that citizens, business leaders and institutions are able to make safe and effective choices, ensuring digital sovereignty for all, through training and continuing education at all stages of their lives and at all levels of competence.

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