Italian League, Cagliari-Atalanta 2-1 and Verona-Genoa 1-2, news and photos – Football

Italian League, Cagliari-Atalanta 2-1 and Verona-Genoa 1-2, news and photos – Football

Cagliari – Atalanta 2-1 News Verona – Genoa 1-2 News On the thirty-first day of the tournament

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In the 86th minute, Cagliari – Atalanta 2-1 – Ruggeri's goal

In the 71st minute, Verona – Genoa 2-1 – Swiderski's goal was disallowed by VAR for offside.

In the 58th minute, Verona – Genoa 1-2 – Goal by Gudmundsson

In the 45th minute, Verona – Genoa 1-1 – Ekuban goal

In the 42nd minute, Cagliari – Atalanta 1-1 – Augello's goal

On 13' Cagliari – Atalanta 0-1 – Scamacca goal

In the 8th minute, Verona – Genoa 1-0 – a goal from Bonazzoli



Gilardino gets Verona into trouble, and Genoa wins the comeback

Genoese blow to Bentegodi. The Rossoblu first took the lead with Bonazzoli Veronese's goal, then Ekuban and Gudmundsson scored Gilardino's lightning goal 11. An important victory for Genoa, the decisive building block in ratifying the salvation of the Griffoni. A defeat increases the problem for Verona, who loses ground and returns dangerously to suffer the pain of hell in the race to safety. Giallobl├╣ is willing, but again pays the price for attacking difficulties; Genoa, after four matches without the three points, is finding the taste of victory again. Verona started fast, and scored Bonazzoli's second goal in a row: Cabal won the ball back, Lazovic's millimeter shot, good control from Bonazzoli, terrible reading from Martinez, and the former Salernitana striker made an easy, unguarded touch on goal. It looks to be a downhill match for Hellasbecause Genoa struggles a lot to reach the Montepu area and Verona shows high pace and aggression that takes time away from playing the Rossoblu players. But as the minutes passed, Genoa took control of the pitch and their quality also improved with Gudmundsson more involved in the manoeuvre. The equalizer arrives in the closing credits of the first half: Ekuban is good and lucky to finish off Genoa's quick move as the deflection initially fails but Lazovic's unfortunate touch allows the visiting striker to repeat the goal. Hellas seemed to start strong in the second half as well, but with the first good play from their opponents the yellow and blue gave up again. Ecoban uses the body, Vazquez plays like a tightrope walker with brilliant dribbles, and his left-footed shot from close range is blocked by Montepu, but Gudmundsson sees it and slots it into the net.. Below, Baroni redesigns the very aggressive Verona; Inside Mitrovic and Sviderski and soon after also Henry. Verona equalized with Polish Swiderski, but the VAR technology detected a millimeter offside from Mitrovic, who provided the decisive pass, and Manganiello canceled it out. In the final phase of the match, the game was set to just one goal, and Genoa tried to restart play, and when they did it was always dangerous, but Thorsby's header was well saved by Montepo. The end is a real siege. Verona is proud but Genoa is strong and celebrates victory in Bentegodi.

Cagliari saves and Atalanta wins

Atalanta stops in Sardinia before going to play Liverpool. Perhaps because they were distracted by Europe, they played poorly and lost, losing 2-1 to Cagliari who are now taking a big step forward in terms of survival. Viola's header was decisive in the 43rd minute of the second half. Perhaps the Bergamo players deceived themselves early, and scored in the 13th minute through Scamacca. They did not take into account the strength of Cagliari's desperation with the fans lighting up after a penalty kick that was not called for due to contact between Hateboer and Mina. From that moment on, Domus became a bedlam. But above all hell for Atalanta. The equalizer went to another unlikely hero, Augello, at the end of the first half. For Atalanta, the race for Europe just got a little more complicated: defeat took the Nerazzurri away from Bologna and Roma. As Napoli approaches. Yes, there is a game to recover from, but this was not a good sign. Atalanta's control lasted about twenty minutes. Then Cagliari returned to the field with running, desire and confidence. Till the end. Ranieri had abandoned Zappa and Lapadula to take advantage of Slimana's physicality and Shomurodov's agility, believing the game above all to be about quick counterattacks. The unit is also different, with an average of three instead of two to create density. In the 13th minute, the goal: ball to Lobkemann on the left and low to the middle of the 11. Skamaca in great style, with the drill, put it into the net: almost a walk. A question of timing, spaces well covered, play: Atalanta were moving with their eyes closed. At that stage, Cagliari could only focus on spirit, good will and the strength of despair. Then the field caught fire, especially due to contact in the area behind Mina, who seemed to be able to do something after a cross from Nandez.. And there, with the angry crowd, Cagliari, half dead, is revived. The equalizer was then a piece of skill from Shomurodov: the Uzbek, set up by Gaetano, cleared four Nerazzurri defenders. Then he unloaded his load to the left towards the unsuspecting protagonist, Augello. Only against Carnesecchi did the former Sampdoria player commit any mistakes. For him, the first goal in a Cagliari shirt, and the fifth in the Italian League. In the second half, Gasperini, between rotation in light of Europe and immediate needs, tried to give fewer reference points up front by removing Scamacca. Hateboer and Koopmeiners also exited. Inside Packer, Torre and De Ketelaer. Things went terribly, and the team did not score a single goal: Torre and De Ketelaer were in demise, and Skovet faced no real dangers. Cagliari? Always there ready to fight back and start over. In the 43rd minute, the key episode: Luvombo's usual dash to the right. Then the cross: Jemisetti is dazed. And Viola turns into Pavolity. For Cagliari, the standings are smiling: thirteenth place, the hot zone four points away.

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