Telegram, Apple blocked the latest update due to a new batch of emojis –

Pavel Durov, CEO of cableHe wrote a message on his Telegram channel explaining why A block from the last update One of the most widely used messaging apps by apple.

The reason for the update stuck in the maze of Apple’s review system, until it was released in the past few hours, appears to be a new set of emojis, called Telemojiwhich Durov described as high-quality vector versions of the standard emoji, for which he also posted a preview.

They are basically emojis similar to the standard ones Apple uses, but with nice animations.

Durov continued his message by saying the block was an odd move on Apple’s part, because the new emoji would add a new dimension to Apple’s low-resolution dimensions and enrich its ecosystem, albeit without explaining how to do it. Perhaps Durov intended to make it more fun and modern, but we specify that this is our interpretation.

In fact, Apple’s move isn’t obvious, given that this is certainly not the first set of new emojis it has to check out and Telegram itself already offers several others in its iOS version.

Telegram’s latest update specifically aims to expand its emojis, so that users can upload their own groups for use by subscribers of the app’s premium service.

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