February 1, 2023

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Mourinho: “I loved everything. Unusual Dybala and Zaniolo “- Forzaroma.info – The latest news like Roma football – interviews, photos and videos

The coach’s words: “The people who entered a period of fatigue for Zaniolo, Abraham and Dybala were not people to kill the game, but to manage.”

Giallorossi coach Jose Mourinho Speaking at the post-race press conference Salernitana – Rome. These are his words:

Mourinho at the press conference

I liked everything, of course I would like to be cool 3-0, 4-0, 5-0, but I also liked to see the team that didn’t score the goals they had to score but was mature and knew how to manage the score. Usually in this type of match, where you score 3-4-5 goals, it ends badly or hurts, but it didn’t. The people who entered the period of fatigue for Zaniolo, Abraham and Dybala were not people to kill the game, but rather they are managing it. M.Both atic and Wijnaldum helped finish the match calmly. If you ask me if I want to change the attackers of this level with others of the same level … that is what Manchester City or Liverpool or some Italians do.. But I loved him. Salernitana is different from last year, she is much more talented, and this week two players who have played key players have arrived. In two to three weeks with more work, Salernitana will have an important team. I’m happy and I have to say that because maybe someone writes “Zaniolo and Dybala could have scored 2-3 goals”, but I can only say that they both played an exceptional match.. Do we miss the bad? For me, our attackers are bad. Zaniolo today seized the ball and shot towards the defender and space. I didn’t do fantasy football. The boys played well, they were aggressive. I am very happy for the team. I loved everything, Rui Patricio saved only Bonazoli’s shot in the first half.”

“I am also happy to see what the match gave me. Obviously it would have been better to win 3 or 4 to zero, it was possible. It was difficult to get to 90 minutes with 1-0, but what we did in the last 15-20 minutes I liked, It’s a sign of maturity, we didn’t win like we wanted and how the match gave us the opportunity to do that. Dybala and Zaniolo had a special race for me.