Real Barets presents “The Adventures of the Shameful Lion”

Real Barets presents “The Adventures of the Shameful Lion”

Next Sunday, January 21st at 6pm, the Cannes Ragolier Theater will host a children's show The Adventures of the Shameless Lion' Responsible for the company The little bowl

We invite you to discover the adventures of the shy lion. Very enjoyable trip with Puppets and live musicTo discover the feelings of the hand of one of the most emblematic characters in El Pot Petit. The lion, through this quick journey, will befriend the tiger, the horse, the hippopotamus, the rooster, and others. Together they will experience emotions such as fear, joy, sadness or anger, accept them, share them and, above all, help each other when emotions are difficult to control.

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Genre: Music and theatre.

Show recommended for ages 5 and up.

Ticket price

General admission: 7 euros.

Package of 5 offers: 25 euros per person.

Package of 3 offers: 18 euros per person.

Entrance for large families and single parents: 6 euros.

Selling tickets

-Online at

– In the same theater an hour before each show.

Cultural information from Barets

If you want to receive cultural information from Parets via WhatsApp, you can add them to your contacts Parets Cultura at number 691 367 625. You must send WhatsApp with the word ALTA and add your first and last name.

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