Fedez in Piazza Duomo to promote blood donation. But there is controversy with the district: ‘Mr. La Russa? ‘I don’t know why he was here.’

Fedez in Piazza Duomo to promote blood donation.  But there is controversy with the district: ‘Mr. La Russa? ‘I don’t know why he was here.’

A blood bag collection day was organized, thanks to the blood truck parked in front of the cathedral, for those who had booked to donate online (already yesterday, the slots were sold out). And many volunteers around the square, to raise awareness among young people and “recruit” new potential donors, via a QR code that allows you to register on the Avis website. It’s today “Donate blood, donate life” It was organized in Milan by the Fedez Foundation, created by the rapper, with Civis, the joint coordination of the Italian Blood Volunteers Associations that brings together Avis, the Italian Red Cross, Fidas and Fratres.

However, if it were not for the fact that today – designed above all to reach the youngest fans of the singer who is the judge Back and forth between Fedez and Romano La RussaSecurity and Civil Protection Advisor for the Lombardy Region. After greeting the fans and volunteers who were waiting for him in the arena, Fedez actually left the event – under the pretext of going to look at the work done on the blood truck – just as the Regional Councilor for Volunteering Elena Luchini spoke first and then, specifically, La Rosa.

Only one case? Apparently not, as the rapper himself admits: “No, it’s not a coincidence because we organized this thing with the Fedez Foundation with Avis and the municipality of Milan. I have never seen Mr. La Russa involved Not even Ms. Lucchini, who said she was thinking of organizing an event. Is the area “overloaded” then? “You do,” replied the rapper, who has 14.8 million followers on Instagram.

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Fedez leaves when Romano La Russa speaks: “It’s not a coincidence.” He replies, “You’re a little man.”

The response quickly came from La Rosa, the brother of Senate President Ignazio: “Am I in controversy with Fidesz? I don’t even know who he is. I am here because the blood donors invited me and I am happy and proud to be there. I can’t care about others, especially when it comes to little men – says the Lombard Regional Councilor -. I didn’t even see him go, but if so I’m sure he’s a little man, very little. His behavior was clear. It is believed that he performed a heroic act, but in reality it was a sign of impudence towards the superiors and all associations. I thank him for his work today but he didn’t behave well. He only discovered Avis today because he needed it, but someone has always dedicated his life to it. “It is not a gesture of love towards donors.”

This day was organized, as Fidesz himself explained, to carry out a special information campaign among young people, and to emphasize the importance of blood donation: “I have experienced first-hand how important it is to have blood bags available in the blood ward. “Obviously I say ‘I’m guilty’ for arriving late, because I had to experience it firsthand.” The reference to the last hospitalization he underwent last October, after an operation for pancreatic cancer in 2022: Due to internal bleeding, Fedez underwent in In the last weeks, he underwent two blood transfusions and was transfused twice in the operating room of Fattiebenfratelli in Milan. Hence, today’s event was organized with the support of the Municipality of Milan.

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However, during the morning, Fedez did not limit himself to arguing with the Lombardy region: for those who asked him how the campaign for the psychiatrist’s reward was progressing – another case in which the singer, Chiara Ferragni’s husband, is currently involved, and with a set of signatures addressed to the Ministry of Health demanding the release of… Funds exceeding 350,000 signatures – he responded by recalling “the words of Health Minister Orazio Schillaci, who said he would issue executive decrees in August.” It’s November and this is the money for 2023. 2023 ends in December, what do we want to do? Make fun of people or do something? He told us a week ago that within a few days he would lift the ban on executive decrees, but so far he has done absolutely nothing. So we are waiting for the minister.”

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