“Dragon Ball” will have a theme park in a huge tourism project in Saudi Arabia

Japanese animation production company Toei Animation announced the creation of the first theme park dedicated to the “Dragon Ball” series. It will be located within the giant Qiddiya tourism project in Riyadh, which aspires to become the largest project “entertainment capital” Saudi.

In the installations, iconic locations from the work will be recreated, such as the Kame House and Turtle Tortuga's home; Capsule Corporation, which was Bulma's parents' company; The Holy Tower, where Mr. Karen lives; Or Planet Bells as detailed in the statement.

All together in a huge area of More than 500,000 square meters of the surface area distributed into seven areas. For comparison, Port Aventura World occupies about 110,000 square metres.

In the complex there will be more than 30 attractions, including one Shenron Dragon Roller CoasterIt is more than 70 meters high, and there are restaurants and hotels inspired by the franchise.

This announcement coincides with the signing of a strategic partnership agreement between TUI and the Saudi Public Investment Fund. The Saudi side will bear the construction costs, while the production company will provide the license.

So far, the cost of the project and the scheduled opening date of the park have not been detailed, although it is known that the Qiddiya project must be completed. 2027.

These are the first promotional photos of the complex dedicated to “Dragon Ball”:

Anime, modern

“Anime has become popular in Saudi Arabia, and 80% of the population has watched it 40% watched the movie Dragon BallThe Director General of the Qiddiya Project, Abdullah Al-Daoud, said during a press conference in Tokyo.

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The year 2024 marks the 40th anniversary of the start of the series based on the original mangaAkira ToriyamaWho died on March 1 at the age of 68.

Production company Toei Animation owns the copyright to the anime series and will make it available for a massive tourism project whose construction began in 2019 as part of the so-called Saudi Vision 2030 strategy, which aims to diversify Saudi Arabia's sources of income, and seeks to achieve this. To become the entertainment capital of Saudi Arabia, in a country that is often in the news Human rights violations.

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