Tel Aviv: “Hamas leader 007 killed.” Which releases the first video with an Israeli hostage in Gaza and announces that it has 250 prisoners

Tel Aviv: “Hamas leader 007 killed.”  Which releases the first video with an Israeli hostage in Gaza and announces that it has 250 prisoners

Hamas: There are differences between soldiers and kidnapped civilians

Khaled MishalOne of the leaders and former head of the political bureau of agitationHe stated that “considerations related to Prisoner soldiers Civilians are different.” According to Mishal,Israel It only gives a value to the number of prisoners. We have enough prisoners to ensure everyone is released Prisoners PalestiniansHe added that the resistance forces in Gaza have studied all matters ScenariosIncluding ground invasion. This is not the first time that Israel has threatened to crush it agitationnot even discouraged either ScareMishal said in a television interview Al Arabiya from Qatar.

Hamas: We have 250 hostages and the foreigners are our guests

Currently between 200 to 250 Israeli hostages in Gaza. This came from the spokesman for the military wing of the Hamas movement, citing media outlets Abu Obeida Explaining that there is no accurate calculation due to practical and administrative difficulties safetyObaida in a television interview with GazaHe added that 200 hostages are in hands agitation And 50 others are in the hands of “factions.” Resistance And elsewhere. Foreign nationals “are our guests” and “will be released when.” “Conditions on areaThey will allow it.

Hamas publishes the first video with the Israeli hostage in Gaza

agitation The first video of an Israeli hostage was released in… Gaza. The media reported it. In the video, the woman says her name Maya Sham from city Shoham He was kidnapped while returning from a party SderotClose to Strscia. “I am twenty-one years old – says the hostage – and I am at this moment Gaza. I returned early Saturday morning from a party at Sderot. I stayed Seriously injured in hand. They took me to Gaza and brought me to the hospital. They took care of me and provided for me pharmaceutical. All I ask is that you take me home as soon as possible family. From my parents, my brothers. Please get me out of here as soon as possible.”

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Hamas: “22 hostages were killed during the bombings”

Spokesman for the Al-Qassam Brigades Abu Obeida I mentioned that Israeli bombing In Gaza it has so far caused death 22 hostages Hamas seized it on October 7. “there The brutal Zionist aggression She added that “the bombing of houses and houses has so far led to the martyrdom of 22 Zionist prisoners.” Spokesman Accordingly, the TV station writes on its website In Manar Subordinate Hizb allah Lebanese loyal to Iran.

Media: “Explosions near Damascus, Syria”

This evening, sounds of explosions were heard in the air surrounding the Syrian capital. Damascus. This was reported by the Al Arabiya Channel correspondent The fields.

More sirens in Tel Aviv: for the fourth time during the day today

The sirens sounded again Tel Aviv And in the middle IsraelFor the fourth time during the day. Immediately afterwards, at least 5 explosions were heard in the air resulting from missiles being dropped by the Israeli air defense system. iron Domes.

Hamas: “It is impossible to say whether the hostages are still alive”

“I don’t know” if it’s 199 Hostages In hands agitation to Gaza They are still alive. He stated that Sky New Head of political and international relations for the movement that rules the Gaza Strip, Basim BlissClaiming that this is “impossible” news to verify at the present time because Heavy explosions to which the pocket is exposed. He added: “We have informed all mediators that we are ready to release all prisoners Civilian hostages He stressed that “it is the moment the aggression against our people stops.”

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Putin to Netanyahu: We are ready to prefer a diplomatic solution

Russian President Russian President Vladimir Putin This came in a telephone call with the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu That Russia is ready to facilitate Diplomatic solution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. TASS writes this citing the Kremlin press service. “The basic has been confirmed Availability From the Russian side, we will continue targeted efforts to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and reach a peaceful solution Political means And Diplomats“, the statement said.

Gaza: “More than 2,800 dead”

Dead A Gaza The toll of the Israeli attacks amounted to more than 2,800, at least 2,808, and 10,850 wounded. He let it be known Minister of Health Hamas in Strips.

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