Team Fortress: Source 2 and Portal 64 were banned by Valve by Nintendo

Team Fortress: Source 2 and Portal 64 were banned by Valve by Nintendo

Valve has been banned via the DMCA Team Castle: Source 2 And Gate 64Two amateur projects related to his intellectual property. This is an anomaly, given the tolerance Dota 2 has shown over the years towards projects born from its fanbase. For example, the case of Black Mesa, a remake of Half-Life whose existence Valve not only guaranteed but also sold on Steam, comes to mind. In short, you're expecting a DMCA from Nintendo, not Valve.

Goodbye Team Citadel: Source 2

In the case of Team Fortress: Source 2, development was already stagnant, with the team saying: “Recently, while discussing the future of the project internally, we actually came to the conclusion that development should be halted due to the current state of the code, which is no longer usable with recent changes.” In the engine s&box. “In principle, we have already separated ourselves.”

So, Team Fortress: Source 2 was already on hiatus. So Valve's action was the classic straw that broke the camel's back, i.e. it led to the team's final decision to terminate the mission: “It looks like they don't want us to use their IP address.”

The case of Portal 64, the Portal conversion for the Nintendo 64, is a little different. In fact, the development team said that they spoke with Valve who asked them to cancel the project because the libraries owned by Mario's house are essential to its development. Basically it seems like Valve doesn't want to have any trouble with it.

Valve announced today that it will allow games with content created using generative AI on Steam, specifying this on its pages.

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