Whoever owns these cars pays zero euros

Whoever owns these cars pays zero euros

Seemingly cheaper cars are often real thefts because they often break or have high gasoline consumption.

Goodbye car tax – NanoPress.it

For this reason, today we are going to find out the most reliable cars to date and which ones are worth buying. The electrical part of cars often causes “problems”, which in recent years have increasingly become present in various models launched on the market.

There are many new and used cars that suit us

Therefore, the cars that we will see were identified as the most reliable by the site dinar strength which took into account various elements during the analysis such as engine, transmission, bodywork, interior, etc.

Thus, it occupies the first place in this ranking of reliability Lexus ESThe seventh generation of the sedan manufactured by Japanese cars. In addition to the elegant lines, the car has a single hybrid engine with 218 horsepower.

Kia Ceed- Nanopress.it

To buy this Lexus, we will need at least 57500 EUR. Let’s go up a lot in price with Porsche 911A true reference point now for sports cars. For those who do not want to be satisfied with this model, we can also focus on GT3until it reaches 510 hp.

However, as mentioned earlier, the price will be really expensive since you start from 112400 EUR. Let’s move on to something more affordable with Kia Sid. Moreover, this sedan, in its simplicity, has first-class technical contents.

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We can also target a timeless classic like a Volkswagen Golf

Kia, in fact, is now playing with German and Japanese cars in terms of reliability, which proves to be a great resource for motorists who have decided to bet on it.

The car that saves money
The car that saves -Nanopress.it

Of course not only new cars, aLet’s see some great deals on used cars.

Let’s start with the Eternal Mazda 3 That goes up to 186 hp in its wide range of hybrid versions. The deal does not end there, since you are a hybrid you will not have to pay an amount car tax For at least 5 years. Big savings, considering that a 200-horsepower car pays more or less 500 euros a year. A vehicle that is especially appreciated for its high value and reliability is Volkswagen Golf.

Volkswagen Golf Nanopress.it

Although it has been five years since its release, it is still a surefire for motorists around the world as well. Toyota Avensis. Thus, the last three would be great deals if we could find them used.

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