Tàrrega's Economic Promotion Department helps process more than €115,480 in subsidies for companies and young entrepreneurs

Corporate training course offered in Tàrrega
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More than seventy companies, both newly established and those with a long history in Tarija and the region, have benefited from the business facilitation service provided by the Economic Promotion Office over the past few months. like him, The Council has provided advice and accompaniment to the business fabric in developing business plans, feasibility studies, training, support and monitoring.

The Tàrrega Business Facilitation Service also provided guidance in searching for financing as well as in applying for grants and subsidies. This should be noted 55,000 euros received by 14 companies in the region as subsidies Within the “Programme to Support the Opening of Shops and Services” and the “Programme to Support the Reform and Improvement of Institutions” promoted by the Confederation of Commerce, Crafts and Fashion of the Ministry of Business and Labor of the State of Catalonia (CCAM).

At the same time, the Economic Promotion Department also supports entrepreneurial talents by supporting newly established enterprises. In this wayFour young entrepreneurs who received advice from the business facilitation service received €15,120 each Within the framework of the support line provided by the Ministry of Business and Labor to encourage self-employment for young people under the age of 30.

Tàrrega provides business facilitation service from global contact point Lleida Urgell located at CEI Cal Trepat, It is also located where the business residence for new innovative companies is located, which is managed by the Department of Economic Promotion, Employment and Tourism of the Tarija City Council in cooperation with the Economic Promotion Board of the Diputació de Lleida and the Urgell District Council.

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It is also worth noting the success of the three training courses targeting the business sector on personal skills, business innovation, cost management, and others. This initiative, launched by the Economic Promotion Department, witnessed nine sessions in which up to 65 companies participated.

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