Leave the baking soda in the fridge overnight, what happens is unique

Leave the baking soda in the fridge overnight, what happens is unique

How to get rid of all food smells from the refrigerator, even expired smells that have saturated the entire internal environment of the device? Here is the solution.

Bicarbonate in the refrigerator (photo @ supereva.it)

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It is a household appliance, however, it is among the most used, it never turns off even in winter, so it stays Plugged in 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

As such, it takes more care on our part than other appliances that we sometimes use as an oven, hair dryer, kettle or microwave.

how to do a Clean it properly to keep it always clean And flawlessly, a safe place for the foods we go to store with such care after shopping?

There is a very innovative and very cheap system that we can all use.

A clean, sterile, odor-free refrigerator: Try baking soda

In general, the refrigerator should be cleaned well Once a month (or every two months) For impeccable hygiene and no risk of placing food in an environment contaminated with bacteria or pathogens harmful to human health.

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Clean the refrigerator every time Operation details
Cleaning the refrigerator (photo @wiselancer.net)

Remove all foods from the refrigerator and discard expired or spoiled foods. Then first clean with the paper towel, collect the dirt accumulated on the shelf or the crumbs deposited in the inner drawers.

The next step is to pass a rag with an antibacterial cleaner, white wine vinegar is fine, but if this still doesn’t satisfy you, prepare a mixture consisting of 15 ml baking soda and water.

Use it not only to clean the walls of the refrigerator, but also to clean the shelves and the door. Then leave it on overnight (or at least an hour) if you want to make sure the odors are completely removed.

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Wipe with a cloth dampened with water to remove the excess mixture remaining on the bottom and reinsert the food you removed.

Always try to do this When there is little food in the fridge And you don’t risk having to throw it away

Leave the baking soda glass in the fridge to happen
Baking soda (Monfocus photo by Pixabay)

nothing. So it might be better before the holidays When you don’t have a big desire to shop for the family.

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