Shakira vs. “Barbie”: “She is castrated”

Shakira vs. “Barbie”: “She is castrated”

BarcelonaChants for women's empowerment echo loudly, but not in perfect unison. In the world of great media victories, there are two great victories Trends have characterized the concept of femininity In recent months. In terms of the success the film achieved at the box office Barbie Directed by Greta Gerwig, and on the other hand, the launch of Shakira's new album,The woman was no longer crying, Where the separation process from Gerard Pique comes together With the resulting personal, professional and family empowerment. But in an interview for the magazine temptation,Barranquilla was clear in her opinion of the Mattel doll movie: “My kids absolutely hated it. They felt like it was emasculating, and I kind of agree with them.”

Although Shakira tries hard to deny the similarities, she… Barbie They bear more similarities than he recognizes. The singer released the album last week The woman was no longer cryingWhich includes 17 songs narrated with poetry, and marks the end of a relationship that, as she explained, kept her away from her musical production and did not make her feel “free.” the number Barbie She was also trapped in a typical world of forced perfection where she did not feel professionally fulfilled. The doll's personal liberation also comes with abandoning plastic poetics. But the analysis of this whole process was not the same for Shakira as for the doll. The artist does not see in the character of Margot Robbie a female flag bearer, but rather a “castrated” male.

This was the synthesis offered by the singer who has always positioned herself as an empowering voice in the Mattel doll movie. After the journalist was astonishedtemptation Singer Patricia Alfonso Tortolani continued her explanation: “I am raising two children and I want them to feel strong in respecting women. I love popular culture that empowers women without depriving men of the ability to be a man, to provide protection and support. I believe in giving women all the tools and the confidence that we are capable To do everything without losing our essence, and without losing our femininity.”

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Meaning of crying

While Shakira explained in the song Bizarrap that “women no longer cry, women are a bill” and it is considered “a great thing.” blandengue“The head of marketing who cried when listening to one of the album's songs, as described in the interview on Apple Music, Barbie decided to leave a world less human and Ken with a significant inability to express emotions. As described in the film, Shakira feels that” Men have one goal in society and women have another goal.”

Tortolani then questions the singer's statements: “Does the fact that a woman can do it mean that she necessarily has to do everything?” And the singer blackmail Answer with another question: “Why don't we share the burden with the people who deserve and have a duty to bear it?” The journalist concludes with the irony of Shakira's point of view: “Women deserve all the power, all the sensuality they wish to embody or express. However, she does not abandon her way of understanding feminism by expecting men to behave like men.”

In one way or another, both feminist visions gain followers and adapt to their respective industries bringing significant economic benefits. Shakira made $20 million (18 million euros) from three songs from her album in just eight months. In contrast, Gerwig's film collected $100 million (€930 million), and entered history as the highest-grossing film directed by a single woman.

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