Suspicious balance transfer suspended, but will be extended until October 15

Suspicious balance transfer suspended, but will be extended until October 15

The home rewards world is going through constant revolutions that seriously risk putting it in crisis.

In the past few days, a lot of new things have arrived. Or not Arrival of the fourth referral of credit.


As you’ll remember, after the idea of ​​a total ban on credit transfer, he’s back in legislation I only imagined three actions But now the fourth task hypothesis is also emerging.

Fourth Waiver of Credit but Solidarity: A New Anarchy

The fourth assignment of credit, however, risks only To increase the complexity of the image Because the fourth section will be possible, but with responsibility supports Which falls on the first beneficiary This is the client.

The clutter, stomachache, and hurdles are making more and more customers and entrepreneurs say they don’t want anything to do with the home bonus. a The positive news in theory is an extension until October 15th to call the invoice credit and debit option. But this extension is only valid for VAT numbers and IRES topics. For individuals, the date of April 29th remains.

Precautionary clarifications of credit-at-risk allocations

But the news that really throws the bounty world home into great tension is Stop giving away credit for any questionable credit. It was Sole24ore who primarily emphasized how credit transfers are at risk They receive some kind of precaution and the consequent request for clarification. To all this we must add the increases in the prices of raw building materials which have now reached completely consistent numbers and one bureaucracy It’s getting more complex and dangerous, too.

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New legislation discourages customers

In short, if we put it all together, we understand why From the world of construction It must be strongly argued that the current legislation is too dissuasive for the bonus world, which could lead to shop closures. But it’s not just the rewards that are at stake because with this legislation it is the entire construction sector that risks deep cuts. According to some of the criticisms that come from the construction world The house bounty is not welcome to the executive also because it has caused a lot of fraud Thus there is a desire to prevent scams so that he does not hesitate to make them deviate from their course. Above all, many constant changes to one are criticized legislation Which thus becomes almost unmanageable.

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