Opel Corsa: time for a facelift

Opel Corsa: time for a facelift

over there Opel Corsa is a successful small car that can be traced back in a 40+ year career. The current generation, released in 2019, has proven to be a best-seller in its class in the markets of several countries. But to stay on the breach needs to “refreshed“, which will arrive next year when the manufacturer presents a series of interventions for this model.

Revamped version of Opel Corsa a new front In line with other models of the German house (We painted above), with a grille incorporating both the logo and headlights into the same element. The latter will be able to count on a new design of the lights. At the rear, new lettering is expected, which runs across the entire width of the tailgate, and taillights with a completely new lighting design.

> Above the current Corsa, in the graphic above, we have a reconstruction of how it will be after the restyling.

In the Waved should arrive wide palette Glossy black taken from the Mokka crossover (in which mechanics are shared), which houses the digital dashboard and the screen of the multimedia system.

technical basis for Vauxhall Corsa 2023 It will always remain the same car currently on the market, which uses the CMP platform (such as the Peugeot 208). As for the range of engines, a 131-hp 1.2 turbo 48-volt mild hybrid is expected and an engine upgrade from the electric version of the Corsa that goes from 136 to 156 hp: the same as the Peugeot e-208. It is powered by a 48 kWh battery, with an estimated range of 400 km. Diesel versions could be gone.

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will come to the agency from April 2023 At a price of around 19,000 euros.

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