Oil prices are falling sharply and we need to issue shares to the United States

AGI – WTI price, US barrel note, according to which rumors are under pressure Washington has proposed to other oil consuming countries such as China And Japan The integrated release of strategic oil reserves should be considered as a way to reduce prices.

When inflationary pressures begin to feel somewhat driven by rising energy prices, the US administration’s offer to shock markets. The world is recovering from the worst health crisis in a century. On electronic circuits, WTI fell 0.91% to $ 77.65 a barrel, while Brent lost 0.37% to trade below $ 80 a barrel, trading at $ 79.98.

In October, prices peaked in seven years: demand grew rapidly, but slowly, when OPEC + decided to increase production. For Biden management, This is not enough to keep the price under control.

Chinese position

The Chinese administration has announced Will begin to release crude oil reserves: A measure aimed at reducing prices. A few hours ago, the United States reportedly recommended “concerted” action on major oil-consuming countries, including China. However, Beijing declined to comment on the US request.

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