Supermarket, beware of products in baskets in the middle of the aisle: the reason

Supermarket, beware of products in baskets in the middle of the aisle: the reason

In this article we will show you the trick that supermarkets use to sell products at full price. Details here.

Baskets in the supermarket –

who goes to Shopping in the supermarket You will often come across some oddities or different “customs” specific to each large commercial chain. In these large centers it will be possible to find any food product, but not only.

In fact, in the vast majority of supermarkets, you can also buy some clothing products or products from other sectors, such as handicrafts, gardening and much more.

How are supermarket aisles organized?

Each lane will offer customers different products related to different areas. On pasta shelves, for example, you’ll find packages of every brand your supermarket or discount store sells. The same will happen with spices, crackers, and much more.

In all supermarkets it will be possible to find space selling meat, fish, bread, cured meats and much more.

Go shopping Compared to previous decades, it is very different. Our ancestors went to their trusted little shops and bought bread, pork, meat and other retail goods there. But in the past few decades, the situation has completely reversed.

Supermarket shopping –

There is less and less free time available Supermarket shopping has become significantly more practical and faster. Many people point out that the quality of the products is lower than in convenience stores, but we certainly have no right to question this aspect.

Instead, we want to talk about it Products placed inside some baskets in the middle of the different aisles of the supermarket. Why would it be necessary to care about a particular aspect of these baskets? Here’s everything you need to know about it.

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Baskets in the middle of supermarket aisles: Don’t make this mistake!

We are facing a Certainly not a pleasant economic and financial period. There are many families struggling to make ends meet. In addition to the widespread precarity of the world of work, in fact, cost of living All basic necessities have increased dramatically.

So the Italians go looking for Offers and promotions On all products, including food and basic necessities. Every week all supermarkets offer advantageous offers on certain goods, which can literally be sold like hotcakes.

All food products can be the heroes of promotions, but not only. It will be important to familiarize yourself with the relevant leaflet and never miss the various opportunities. On each shelf, the supermarket will indicate the various “fallen” products on display.

The various offers promoted by the supermarket also include all the products found inside it Visible baskets placed in the center of the various aisles? Let’s get to know all the details on this topic which is not entirely clear to everyone.

What are the baskets hiding in the middle of the different aisles?

You’ve probably noticed small or medium-sized baskets placed in the aisles between the shelves. It can be placed inside Products of all kindsSuch as packages of pasta or cookies, snacks, drinks and more.

Products in the middle of the aisles –

Many believe that these baskets contain displayed products. In fact, that will not be the case at all. They will come Sold at full pricebut will only be placed in baskets To entice the customer to buy.

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This is a perfectly legitimate move by the supermarket, however It would always be a good idea to check the price of each product scattered in these baskets on the appropriate reference shelves.

However, not all baskets offer free products without benefits. In fact, some of them have products to promote. However, the latter will always be highlighted by special tags.

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