Xpeng G6: Another piece

Xpeng G6: Another piece

It’s five o’clock – Like many new Chinese manufacturers, Xpeng is also experiencing a strong stage of range expansion. the XPeng G6the first model that was developed on the basis of new platform SEPA 2.0 is able to guarantee superior performance compared to previous models.

High autonomy – Super fast charging for XPeng G6 This is possible thanks to the 800V architecture, which is able to guarantee a 300 km “raise” in just 10 minutes provided the use of very high power poles. Battery specifications were not given, the manufacturer limited itself to stating thatThe range is 755 km and that the battery is an integral part of the body contributes to its torsional rigidity. Driver assistance systems, thanks to the console’s greater processing power, are more refined. The Xpeng G6 will be offered with a single electric motor rated at 296 HP and a dual motor totaling 486 HP.

Fluid and proportional – aesthetically XPeng G6that 475 cm long, 192 in width and 165 in height with a wheelbase of 289 cm, it is distinguished by its short overhangs and streamlined body lines, combined with aerodynamics. The car can actually count on a low drag coefficient of 0.248. Low center of gravity f Divide the weights The ratio of 50:50 on the front and rear axles should ensure excellent dynamic qualities.

Simple and proud – inside XPeng G6 There is a newly designed steering wheel and a 15-inch touch screen with which the air vents can also be controlled. According to the manufacturer, ventilated, heated and electrically adjustable comfort seats ensure luxury car comfort. Great care is also taken in the selection of materials. For seat upholstery, child-resistant, stain-resistant, antibacterial organic silicone fabric and microfiber leather are adopted.

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