100€ Bonus: Find out who it is

A bonus of €100 will also be present with the New Year, which a large segment of employees are entitled to, but watch out for cuts.

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The first thing to keep in mind is that even with the New Year coming, the Bonus 100 EUR. Therefore, there will certainly be, along with many novelties such as safety bonus. The news in the personal or other income tax brackets do not care about the tax authorities, this bonus will continue to exist and will be due to the officials, thanks to the income.

On the basis of this, in fact, there are still a large number of rights holders. But be warned, they are not all included. It is always best to look at any mods with the latest €100 bonus, so as not to be disappointed by being disqualified from the previous Renzi bonus, so to speak.

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€100 bonus in 2022

Practically, for 2022, the famous €100 bonus will be applied again to employees who are considered to be low-income. The expected threshold is 15,000 EUR, while outdated threshold of 28,000 euros, Reward not recognized. Oddly enough, from 15 thousand to 28 thousand there will be a wide gap. Well, for those who live in this limbo, a bonus of 100 euros can be due or not depending on the situation.

Remember that this distances itself from the bonus by an extra zero, or €1,000 bonus, which belong instead to fragile jobs. We said that for low-income employees, it can also be due, but only to a limited extent, if there are certain people tax cuts applied in the payment voucher. Let’s talk, for example, about those who applied for family burdens, for dependent work, or others.

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Tax reform still has that bounty inside of it, but why was it chosen again by the government? Because we want to ensure more tax savings for those with fewer opportunities. And this is where the IRPEF arcs, which go from 5 to 4, come in, because this movement loosens more than the so-called middle layer. Finally, the tax reform that will pass through 2022 will also include tax savings for pensioners, the self-employed and professionals with the abolition of IRAP.

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