Look at this, it could really be worth a fortune

Rare Banknotes: Watch out for this one, because it could really be worth a fortune. Look for it all over the place. All the details to get to know him.

Euro banknotes (Image via Pixabay)

Often times we find ourselves talking about it rare coins whose value, especially in perfect condition, can add to mind-boggling numbers. Recently, in fact, a rummy (i.e. 1, 2 or 5 cent coins) sold for around 7,000 thousand euros.

Well, not only are coins rare, but some also banknotes can turn into reality treasure for our pockets. Paradoxically, it is also easier to discover its specificity.

You will find them all useful below Advice to determine their location. Know that some of them can be worth a really great fortune. So, check your wallets carefully!

Attention, even banknotes hide some rarities. Its value is mind boggling

rare banknotes
Euro banknotes (Image via Pixabay)

One of the fundamental differences between coins and banknotes is the presence on the last of the numerical codealso called Serial Code who identifies the particular person paper money from others.

Each of them presents, in fact, a series consisting of Alphanumeric characters (top right in back) and a series of numbers placed only, instead, at the bottom where the geographical map of Europe is.

One of the first rarities is that there is basically no banknote with the same numbers. But beware, they should be necessarily consecutive (eg 1111111) and not scattered. We can make around 700 in 20 euro banknotes.

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in the midst of this macro sectionas many as possible unfold Variables: That is, the number of consecutive numbers that are repeated. starts from 5 to 11 digits All are equal. From eight onwards we’re talking about 1 case Among the million.

Very interesting selected banknote radarbecause it contains a series of numbers symmetries. This means that the combination is the same when read from right and left. Also in this case we are facing very rare and hard to find pieces.

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Finally we have the banknotes named Spiceman: These are the tests or samples that have been printed for the ECB governor. How can we identify them? Near the watermark we find four numbers, but especially at a glance there is a large red inscription that occupies the entire paper money diagonally.

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