Sundance promises strong emotions

Sundance promises strong emotions

Sundance promises strong emotionsPromotional photography

The quintessential festival of independent cinema opens its doors again on Thursday while still collecting bright fruits from the last edition. It is considered the most important film competition in the United States. Sundance In 2023, discover three no less important titles Infinite memoryWritten by Maite Alberdi; Past life, De Celine Song; I 20 days in MariupolWritten by Mstislav Chernov; The three finalists for the upcoming Academy Awards. This year, this wonderful event located in remote Utah is once again adding its usual mix of… Hollywood stars Working on small but committed films, completely unknown titles, which, when revealed as distinctive, generate struggles between major companies to acquire them. Among the first films is the new film from Kristen Stewart and Steven Yeun, a sci-fi proposal called Loved Me, about the love relationship between the last two humans. Among the other celebrities who will be roaming the snow-covered Park City, we will also find Laura Linney and Woody Harrelson, who will host the drama. Sun coastSaoirse Ronan puts herself in the shoes of writer and journalist Amy Lipton in the autobiography OvertakingPedro Pascal opens the movie poster Horrible talesIn Defense of the 1980s directed by the makers Half nelson. In terms of directors, the new work of the great Steven Soderbergh also stands out, with the thriller Presencewhile actors Chiwetel Ejiofor and Jesse Eisenberg will return to direct, respectively, with urban dramas Rob peace I Real pain. The documentary that premiered at Sundance, which has had enormous influence on the international stage, will bring to the competition new works with subjects as diverse as artist Frida Kahlo, union problems at Amazon or composer Brian Eno. It promises a lot, too Video arena For the new generations invited I saw the glow of the televisionproduced by the always troubled Emma Stone, is a satirical comedy American Society of Magical NegroesThe film revolves around a group of African Americans who work tirelessly to make things easier for white Americans.

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