Fazio and Naboba’s salary: how much does he earn now in the “nine”

Fazio and Naboba’s salary: how much does he earn now in the “nine”

Salary from Scrooge McDuck Fabio Fazio’s salary at Canale Nove. The 58-year-old host was able to sign a more advantageous contract with the network than the one he had with Ray.

farewell Fabio Fazio Of opinion has caused a great deal of debate. Many believe that the host deserves recognition for the kind of work he has done what’s the weather like. However, others always believed that the conductor was paid too much for the work done. There has always been a lot of curiosity and above all controversy about how much Ray paid him for years.

After the initial move of the program from the first to the third network and a salary cut affecting several faces of Rai, Fabio chose to go ahead and choose networks that would have left the program with greater freedom of choice regarding the setting of the program and guests.

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However, many are wondering how much Fazio’s salary is now. According to some rumors on the Internet, Fazio signed a four-year contract with Discovery He will receive 2.5 million euros per TV season. So we’re talking about around 10 million euros in total. We are talking about numbers much higher than those obtained by the Savonian host of Rai, a difference of about 300 thousand euros more. There is also another well-known face on the network, Maurizio Cruza who, with his highly satirical political programme, Croza’s brothershas excellent results in terms of share, we are talking about about 5%.

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Many faces in politics had their say about Fabio’s ouster, which – in their view – was no ouster at all. The host would have found Nove’s show more useful. With all the changes in the schedule, Rai and Mediaset have lost big names from the small screen. Some flew to other networks, others – however – took advantage of the non-renewal of the contract to take a break from everything and everyone as well Ilary Blasi, Barbara Durso, and Belen Rodriguez. Soon we could see them migrating towards networks that offer more or that simply invest in those who have been neglected elsewhere.

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Of course, trying new connectors doesn’t always pay off. In the case of Afternoon Five, for example, the choice to drop the presenter who has hosted the show for years, Barbara Durso, may turn out to be wrong over time.

Barbara may not have been liked by everyone, but she always got people talking about herself and the show, for better or worse. Fabio Fazio must have had his reasons for abandoning Rai which are certainly not limited to purely economic issues. Clearly the host needed to find a more comfortable dimension.

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