Summary, scoreboard, slow motion and match report

At Swissporarena in Lucerne the match is valid for qualification for the 2022 World Cup Switzerland-Bulgaria: summary, scoreboard, score, slow motion and live news

At the Swissporarena in Lucerne, the challenge Switzerland and Bulgaria Valid for ai World Cup 2022

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Summary Switzerland-Bulgaria 2-0

The match started in Lucerne

4 ′ The first conclusion that the Swiss reached from Vargas, but without finding the goal

10 ′ Vargas is the most inspiring of the hosts: he’s still shooting but Karajoff is there

17 ′ Always the usual dangerous Vargas, but the Bulgarian goalkeeper was not surprised

24 Gavranovic also tried, without scratching Karagov

26 Vargas never stops trying, they lack strength and precision

30 ′ The Swiss continue to play the game, in possession of the ball and in conclusions

32 The Bulgarians are finally seen shooting but Atanas Iliev can’t find the mirror

40 ′ A group of angles for the boys of Yakin, at the end of Zacharias it is he who could not find the target

45 ‘Swiss Chance – Okafor catches an inner pole, lucky Bulgaria

45′ + 3 The first fracture ends without goals

46 Recovery is underway, with two changes in Bulgaria

48 ‘Swiss goal – Shaqiri, in his 100th appearance with the national team, superbly assisted Okafor who pierces the first guest with his header.

55 Swiss opportunities – The second firewood for the hosts, this time it was Al Shugairi’s turn

57 Swiss goal The Swiss Double: Vargas perfected Javranovic’s winning pass

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Man of the Match: Vargas at the end of the first half

Switzerland – Bulgaria 2-0: results and match report

Reti: 48, Okafor, 57, Vargas

Switzerland (4-2-3-1): summer; Widmer, Frey; Shar, Mbabu; Zacharias Froeller. Okafor, Shaqiri, Vargas; Gavranovich. AvailableOmlin, Conn, Zechri, Ebecher, Stephen, Iten, Sue, Emery, Comert, Garcia. trainer: Certain.

Bulgaria (4-4-2): Karadzov. Turitsov (1 ′ st Velkovski), A.Hristov, Dimitrov, Tsvetanov; Nedelev, Kostadinov, Chuchev, Kirillov; Iliev (1′ Saint-Minchev), Despodov. Available: Vutsov, Mihaylov, Petkov, Yankov, S. Ivanov, B. Tsonev, R. Tsonev, D. Iliev, I. Iliev. trainer: Petrov.

Rule: Bastien (France)

Warnings: Turitsov, Freuler

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