Fedriga: “The region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia wants to continue investing in science”

“The Friuli Venezia Giulia region wants to continue investing in science: in the future budget law, we will allocate significant resources in favor of new investments also related to research. Not in general and rainfall but concrete research opportunities to try to counteract the phenomenon of brain drain.”
This was announced by the Governor of Friuli-Venezia Giulia Massimiliano Fedriga during the opening ceremony of the 44th academic year 2021/2022 at the University of Udine at the Teatro Novo Giovanni da Udine.
“The research and training ecosystems must be involved and have the courage to work with private companies, including those of an international nature, because this means increasing the available resources and importing opportunities for our lands,” Fedriga said, urging us to do more “research marketing.”
Referring to an excerpt from the intervention of the representative of the technical and administrative staff, Francesca Giannelli, Fedriga shared the call for unity.
“We need to be united in truth, but not – as Fedriga pointed out – in lies. It is united by telling objective facts and not lies that undermine health, safety and economic well-being. As a regional administration, with determination, in this pandemic period, we want to do our part in telling Citizens with the truth and denial of lies that put our health and economic system at risk, sometimes on its knees. The desire to listen to everyone cannot become a default in not telling things as they are: we all have a responsibility to raise the voice of the part of society that demands to fight the epidemic by means in the most peaceful and democratic way It is thanks to the science and research that we have in a very short time that has proven to be safe and effective.”
Fedriga paid an informal thanks to the scientific world. “In this historical moment in which we live—the Governor remarked—I would like to thank you from the witnesses of this world because it has been clear and evident that when research and science are in the service of citizens, things work. From this point on, I ask citizens once again to trust science when it puts Himself in the service of society.
In his speech, University President Roberto Benton, who thanked the region in the person of Governor Fedriga and University Chancellor Alessia Rosolen, noted that in connection with the relationship with the Territory, cooperation with the regional productive fabric is increasingly growing. profitable, which has taken a particularly tangible form in the development of the Uniud Lab Village, an advanced research center that brings together university and business laboratories in the same space, a project supported by the region and the Friuli Foundation.”
On the occasion of the ceremony – in the presence of the President of the Higher Institute of Health Silvio Brusaferro – the President of the University Benton conferred an honorary master’s degree in Communications and Multimedia Information Technology to Franco Gabrielli, Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the Presidency of the Council of Ministers “for his contribution to the protection and security of our country from the point of view of the terrorist threat, as a subordinate to the police forces , and from the point of view of emergency and environmental disasters, as head of the Civil Affairs Department.

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