Horoscope from January 23 to 29, 2023

Horoscope from January 23 to 29, 2023

Weekly horoscope
First Quarter Moon in Taurus
(from January 23 to 29, 2023)

welcome everybody!
How are you all? Here’s your horoscope for next week, dedicated to the beautiful first quarter moon in Taurus. You know, the first quadrant is right there working phase It makes us roll up our sleeves do concretely What we just thought about so far. more then This is amazing The first quarter, which consists of a The Sun is in Aquarius (a sign of opposite thinking and a desire to change things) and one Moon in TaurusMarker realistic And the practical meaning. Hence the clear meaning of the first trimester call: stop imagining, imagine a new life, and begin actually build it.

They are talked about in the horoscopes, and if we want they are perfectly aligned with the great themes of 2023 of revolutions and big changes for all signs. To the new year dedicated Many visions. THE HOROSCOPE 2023 movie with the princesses, your horoscope with movies and many other ideas. If you lose any of them, you can recover everything at once this link! And of course you can read all about it in my book HOROSCOPE 2023 – THE ROUND OF THE YEAR IN 12 STAGES that you find in all bookstores and digital stores, or a this link!

I must leave you with this week’s horoscope, and thank you again for the love and attention you welcome week after week with my horoscope. In these (almost) 10 years together, we’ve really created a big family of astrologically curious people who have a lot in common, beyond “expectations.” For this, I will never stop thanking you.

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Hugs, happy reading everyone!
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