“This year we will give it again.”

“This year we will give it again.”

December 22 is a date inevitably associated with the lottery. From the first hour, radios and televisions were connected to the Real Madrid Theater, where college students were present San Ildefonso They repeat the phrase “a thousand euros” until suddenly their screams force us to look up and focus our attention on the number they are singing. In 2018, he lived this scene can rollWhere the joy began. the Costa Librarylocated in Alexandra Road, has been sold Four tenths The first prize, which was also awarded to the Alcampo Department of Sant Quirze.

The cover of the newspaper displayed in the institution give up

The number of fat Christmas was generous 3.347. A few minutes after the song, word spread like wildfire in the neighborhood. Records of that day recall the atmosphere on Alexandra Street, characterized by utter euphoria and the non-stop ringing of the telephone. There, trying to bring reason to the mass madness, he was Sonia Costa And her husband, Jose Ramos, the second generation to run the Sabadell Library. It was a widely distributed award, covering different Catalan cities. In Sabadell, this was achieved by selling four tickets with the machine, which they then abandoned More than one and a half million euros.

“We remember it with great joy. It was an amazing surprise and we immediately received calls from many organizations. At first we thought it was a joke!Jose says. The news they saw in the media set off all alarms. But the real scope came with a call from the state lottery and gambling organization to confirm the news. They had never handed out such a big prize before. He explains: “We distributed thousands of euros in all areas, but we never exceeded one million euros!” This year they have sold over a thousand issues.

“I already have cava in the fridge.”

Between smiles, Jose launched into a headline. “This year we will distribute it again.”He warns with conviction that he is behaving like a snake. For information, point to 16.633, a number that is already sold out and highly sought after. Without leaving the tone of the joke, it puts us in the celebration of Friday. “I already have cava in the fridge,” he says. The festive spirit is already flying over the institution, which will turn half a century old next year.

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In 2018, it has been exactly ten years since the major earthquake did not strike Sabadell. After the initial euphoria, they were able to encounter the lucky ones. “They come to thank us. “It always fills you up to be able to help people here,” he says. Success has put them in the spotlight. “Neighbors sell more, they ask, you hear comments, they always associate you with a lucky place. It’s beautiful,” he thinks. “The sale of La Grossa is exceptional. “Time flies and they always remind us of that,” he admits.

A neighborhood where luck smiles

Oddly enough, luck returned to the Can Roll neighborhood just a decade after the cava was opened Socrates bar, a few meters from the library. Records of the day recall scenes of the establishment being filled with residents eager to celebrate. Anna Gamez, the bar owner, bought it 30 out of 60 series of Grossa de Nadal With the number 32.365 In the administration of San Querz del Valles. Within minutes, an impromptu open bar was organized to celebrate his offering 180 million euros between neighbors.

Years later, in January 2020, the extraordinary winter draw of the National Lottery was also remembered in the neighbourhood, where 91,837 were sold, all distributed to Department No. 10, in Can Roll.


The first prize in the Christmas lottery has come to the city on only two occasions: a year 1969 And the 1998. The first time, Grossa played the entire match Harlequin Rock With the number 59.536. Twenty-nine years later he fell again into the city, this time in number 21.856of which Department No. 9, in Avinguda de Barbera, sold twenty series.

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The first prize in the Christmas Lottery is awarded with 4 million euros That is, every series 400,000 euros At ten, the final amount to be received, after taxes, will be approximately 322,000 euros. The amount that the people of Sabadell hope will be distributed again in our house, on the day when “Miele Euro” will once again ring in the ears of the citizens.

Part of Grossa de Nadal is located in Sabadell

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