Subaru XV 4dventure: here’s the evolution | A real bargain for families

Subaru XV 4dventure: here’s the evolution |  A real bargain for families
Subaru XV 4dVenture –

Are you looking for a safe, efficient and reliable vehicle on dirt roads? The circle is narrowing but we have a filter: the more rugged XV

Subaru above all Great passion. The Japanese Pleiades brand has managed to retain a group of enthusiasts around the world who will never return to other brands. It is among the most recognizable manufacturers in the automotive world.

The reason was soon told. Subaru drivers are fun, drive safe and unstoppable on any terrain. These are the characteristics that have always distinguished these vehicles with a versatile appearance but which hide the heart and strength of a tank.

Every Subaru brand has its own story behind it. Born out of a subsidiary of Fuji Heavy Industries, every model built by this manufacturer may seem to have a modest profile and may or may not be aesthetically pleasing, but It rivals and outperforms the most popular 4×4s. seeing is believing.

Subaru: Mother of the first 4×4 crossovers

Subaru was the first automaker to develop and install the popular all-wheel drive on each of its models. It is currently the only one that can count on this brand that has distinguished the decisive and unique personality of driving these cars, known for having The first in the world of gatherings, first with the Leon, then with the Legacy RS, and finally with the famous Impreza. With great advantage One of the best four-wheel drive systems in the world, It can only be compared to a Porsche, as it was The first to invent the crossover concept.

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Already in the early seventies Estate models launched onto the market that vaguely resembled today’s station wagonsbut tall, with four-wheel drive that can be operated manually, with plenty of “undercut” to handle rough or snowy climbs. The success was resoundingso much so that after more than 45 years Subaru was launched on the market The 4dventure version of its flagship crossover, the XV.

Subaru XV 4dVenture –

XV 4dventure, unstoppable for those who love the outdoors

This new layout is designed specifically for Make use of your off-road driving skills For a model that has had a sales boom in recent years, especially in Europe, it’s time to freshen it up a bit by highlighting all Subaru grit and DNA. The XV 4dventure loves to get dirty and go as far as other crossovers can go (not even an SUV), which is why it is equipped with protections for the front, rear and sides, which shows its off-road propensity in particular. The rear compartment is also protected from the inside by the trunk tray to prevent dirt and damage during loading.

The setup also includes a file The steering wheel is heatedFor extra comfort even on cold days. This version of the fifteenth It joins the same 4dventure group that has already been successfully introduced to the historic Outback and Forester modelswho were the first to undergo this More of an off-road-oriented shift. Prices start from 30,350 euros For the version with a 1.6 petrol engine and the Reach 36,050 euros For the e-Boxer hybrid variant. The new XV also offers a special call guarantee Subaru safe 8which covers buyers for 8 years with unlimited mileage and remains in effect even in the event of a change of ownership.

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