Makes a mess in the house and then plays dead: try not to laugh

Makes a mess in the house and then plays dead: try not to laugh

He makes a mess and then pretends to be dead, and a very funny animal becomes the protagonist of the most viral video on the web: watching it without laughing is an impossible feat

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Among the most viewed videos on social media and various sharing platforms, in addition to the celebrity theme, animal-related content is always very popular. The reason is simple and obvious: they instantly induce fun, sympathy, and even a good dose of positivity, just like their closeness. Funny moves, animated videos or antics fill you with likes like real influencers: they conquer all kinds of goals.

This is evidenced by the recent video clip that went viral on social media, and it concerns an animal in very special situations. Just like in the best shows, Hollywood deserves, the aforementioned cute hero fakes his own death. The video is suspicious, because not having fun is really an impossible feat.

Pretending to be dead: the protagonist of a viral video

There are so many animals that inhabit the Earth, that it is almost impossible to count and know in their total existence, despite the many means of communication and knowledge that are presently our wealth. Cute, funny and often more like us than we know how to admit, videos of their interest are gaining acceptance on social networks, on a par with celebrities and other current trends.

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This is evidenced by the latest video that has gone viral on social media, and it concerns a really funny animal who intends to play a role worthy of a movie. The protagonist plays a “dramatic” role as he fakes his own death, with emotional conveyance. Try not to laugh by watching this video to see how impossible this hypothesis is.

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Active animal: playing dead

The most watched video at the moment on social networks concerns the animal world, in a representation worthy of the Best Hollywood Drama award. The protagonist of “The Movie” experiences his death with the utmost theatricality, repeating the “Scenario” many times to improve his masterful interpretation to the utmost extent of excellence. A very believable sight, not without numerous and engaging laughs, as well as a reflection of the astonishing intelligence that so often characterizes animals without our knowledge.

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