Silent Hill 2: The original developers wanted more changes in the remake, but the Bloober team prevailed

Silent Hill 2: The original developers wanted more changes in the remake, but the Bloober team prevailed

If the original team was in charge of the project, The remake of Silent Hill 2 could have had many more changes than the current oneMotoi Okamoto, the producer, also revealed the same. Bloober team objected He did not want to revise certain aspects, to remain as faithful as possible to that experience.

Okamoto touched on the topic in an interview with Japanese magazine Famitsu, in response to a question about the difficulty of maintaining the right balance between adding something new and preserving the best elements of the PS2 game.

The original team wanted to change more things

“Japanese staff, including Masahiro Ito, the designer who worked on the original, and Akira Yamaoka, the sound designer, would often suggest changes to certain parts of the game, with the Bloober team not accepting them.” Okamoto explained, who then added: “On some occasions there was a conflict of opinionsBut in the end I think we managed the situation well. I think you saw in the last show that despite the remake, we kept the good qualities of the original.

Why did the original team want deeper changes? The explanation was given by Okamoto himself: “After all Video game makers don’t want to do the same thing over and over again. They don’t want people to play the same thing. That’s why they wanted to change a lot of things in the new version.”

It seems that the new development team, Bloober Team, was the one who wanted a more respectful title for the original: “In the end, thanks to the opinions of the Bloober Team, who are big fans of the original, the remake ended up being very attractive. If we had assembled an all-Japanese development team, it would have been A completely different remake.

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The Silent Hill 2 remake is the subject of great discussion by gamers, who immediately went to measure the necklines of the nurses and evaluate the attractiveness of the female characters. Will he be able to break through?

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