June 8, 2023

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Fallout: This is how Vaults were born and what they were really meant to be

Tim Cain is one of the fathers of the series He falls In 1997, it was unveiled how they were born the Safes And what is their real goal. He did so in a new episode of his YouTube series “Cain on Games,” in which he’s busy revealing some background information on the titles he’s worked on over the years.

Currently working for Obsidian Entertainment, Cain was a co-founder of Troika Games. He is considered one of the greatest designers of Western role-playing games.

Regarding the vaults of the Fallout series, Cain explained that they were built with an entirely different goal of ensuring the survival of the human race and repopulating Earth after the nuclear catastrophe: “With the design of the vaults, the head of the Enclave and the high representatives from the government said ‘Let’s build a starship and send it to the nearest stars.'” But It’s going to take a long time, so it was built as a multigenerational spaceship and the only known technology to do that was atomic technology.So they could make an atomic power plant that would help build spacecraft for hundreds of years, but we didn’t know how to do everything else.So The head of Vault-Tec, who isn’t exactly a nice guy, said you can use the vaults to find what technologies the spaceship needs.”

To summarize, burials are designed not only for the salvation of mankind, but also Experimental laboratories Where the survivors are used as guinea pigs to discover what technologies should be developed for a spaceship designed to make the human race migrate into space, allowing them to survive hundreds of years before reaching their destination.

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Cain then explained that the Vaul that Vault City originated from in Fallout 2 was a control vault, designed to do everything right. Vault-Tec’s goal went far beyond saving a few Americans from a nuclear catastrophe to living in a devastated and polluted world, it was about colonizing space and abandoning Earth.

On other occasions, he’s told Cain about a Lord of the Rings RPG that was never funded and how Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines should have at least two sequels.