PAU results in Catalonia, GUIDE

PAU results in Catalonia, GUIDE

the Selectivity Notes 2024 They already are published. Initial expectations were that qualifications PAU to Catalonia Can be consulted From 9am on Wednesday 19 JuneBut finally as of Tuesday afternoon, more than 40,000 registered students can now see what they got in the exams. They all have to follow a series of steps to be able to do so Consult the Selectivity Notes 2024.

If you have taken the exams and want to check your remaining qualifications in each PAU subject, on this page you have A short and basic guide To can See notes.

Notes on the 2024 Selection Process: This is how you can consult a PAU

To find out the PAU qualifications, the first thing you need to do is enter Entrance portal to the university. On this page, as you did in other previous procedures, you must enter your User ID, that is, your User ID days, no s passportAnd also Personal password. Only by providing this information can you access and see your profile Selectivity Notes.

Review exams after PAU notes

It is possible that there was a score that you were not satisfied with, as the feelings coming out of the exam were very different from the final score. In this case, from June 19 itself until Friday the 21st, students who wish can request it Exam review. the Test review results is that they will publish July 2 Three days later, is 5you can see theThe exam was corrected for the second time.

When do the 2024 cut off marks appear?

With published PAU memoirs and Pre-registration at the university Let’s go to June 28The next big date for students is their first university assignment, which will generally be on July 10. On this day, the cut-off marks for each university degree will be known.

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Calculate the cut off mark with the PAU qualification

As long as the first seat allocation has not arrived, students can do so Cutting point calculations With the Petif simulation. It’s a tool through which, by entering each PAU test score, weighting and final high school grade, it gives you the remaining final grade out of 14.

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