At Città della Scienza, the Innovation Village Award, the award that celebrates sustainability

At Città della Scienza, the Innovation Village Award, the award that celebrates sustainability

to Naplesduring the exhibition Innovation Village 2022 that took place in Science Cityfourth edition of Innovation Village Award, the annual award aimed at promoting sustainable innovation experiences achieved in the regions, attributed to one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations 2030 Agenda. The fourth award was created and supported by Knowledge for Business with Asvis (Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development) and Enea (National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development). The main sponsor is Optima Italia which is supporting the award for the first year. The call for participation is already open. Innovators, professionals, researchers, associations, foundations, start-ups, subsidiaries, SMEs, and social enterprises can register.

Last year, 178 innovators participated in the IV Prize, who shared prizes of over €50,000. The novelty of the fourth edition is the expansion of the competition, which witnesses the birth of the special sections “Phygital Sustainability Expo”, in cooperation with the Association for Sustainable Fashion Innovation of the President Valeria Mangani; And “Culture is not isolated” on the occasion Procida, the Italian capital of culture 2022, represented in Città della Scienza by the director Agostino Ritano In collaboration with Federica web Learning. Seven thematic areas have been anticipated: the two best projects for each region and the special sections will reach the final on October 27 in Citta della Senza, where they will have the opportunity to present themselves to the jury through a 5-minute presentation.

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The jury will select the best project and all awards and special mentions, available by the Iv 2022 Award Partners: Optima, Materias, Meditech, Opus Automazione, TecUp, Campania Aerospace District, Stress, Association of women 4.0, Order of Engineers Naples, Innovup, a | cube, best practice confindustria Salerno, Sellalab, Le Village of CA Triveneto, Incubatore Sei.

New Year AnnamariaDirector of Innovation Village, says: “The Iv Prize continues to grow and benefits from more prestigious collaborations. We reward innovations applied to construction, aviation, new materials and many other areas. Moreover, this year, we are leaving Campania to bring the semi-finalists to Rome. and Procida, which will determine some of the finalists in Naples.At the same time – highlighting the New Year’s Eve – the innovation village is also growing, a reference event for all innovators who in October will witness its central moment with a focus on space, infrastructure monitoring, environment for disaster prevention and foundries bio-hydrogen.

Valeria Fassionconsultant for research, innovation and startups in the Campania region, says: “The IV Prize is an important moment because it connects Naples and Campania with long networks of research and innovation in the Italian system, with organizations, research centers and universities. It is an award that benefits from important partnerships that extend from year to year, All highlight the ability to communicate with the national and international system that goes hand in hand with the strategy of the Campania region.”

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