Usha, van scattering banknotes on the highway. Traffic jam for raccoons …

Frame of the video released by Influencer Demi Bagby

Frame of the video released by Influencer Demi Bagby

U.S., scattering dollars on van highway

Dozens of motorists are blocking the road to collect dollars from the asphalt. Passengers from the San Diego area in the United States were surprised when they opened the door of an armored truck on Friday morning and closed the street with bills. The traffic jam occurred around 9 a.m. when drivers parked their cars to collect scattered dollars. “One of the doors opened and bundles of banknotes fell and flew all the way,” a sergeant explained. San Diego Tribune. IThe truck was on its way to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp office.

Fitness influencer Demi Buckby captured this moment in a video shared on her Instagram, which shows drivers running on the freeway with lots of green bills in hand. “This is the most crazy thing I’ve ever seen,” he said in the video. As reported later CBS8, Tribune and CNNசலசலப்புக்கு மத்தியில் கார்களை மறித்த இரு வாகன ஓட்டிகள், போக்குவரத்திற்கு இடையூறாக இருந்ததாகக் கூறி போலீஸார் கைது செய்யப்பட்டதாகக் கூறப்படுகிறது.

A California State Police spokesman said all authorities are urging anyone who picks up money on the street to hand it over to the same security agency office in Vista, California.

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