Video of NATO submarines off the coast of Sicily during an exercise: what we know

Video of NATO submarines off the coast of Sicily during an exercise: what we know

Submarines, planes and nuclear drones: these are just some of the military vehicles taking part in NATO’s annual maximum exercise dynamic manta. The operation began on February 27 and will continue until March 16. The aim of this NATO operation is to ensure cooperation between the armed forces of NATO and the development of new anti-submarine tactics.

Dynamic Manta rays training along the coasts of Sicily

In detail, this year’s Dynamic Manta exercise involved: 5 submarines of the Greek Navy, Italy, Turkey and the United States and maritime patrol aircraft (Maritime Patrol Aircraft – MPA) from Canada, France, Germany, Greece, Turkey and the United States. United Kingdom and United States.

also , Italian Navy It will participate with the ASW frigate Carlo Margottini (F592), frigate Carabiniere (F593), two submarines and two helicopters stationed at Catania Helicopter Station.

NATO Commander’s Message

As a host nation, Italy has provided logistical support for the Augusta Naval Base and Sigonella Air Base in Catania to NATO.

This year, in light of the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine and the presence of Russian naval assets and submarines in the Mediterranean Sea, Dynamic Manta acquires special value.

I think it is a very realistic exercise in light of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The threat is real. NATO is ready, this is one of the messages we want to send Stephen MacCommander of the Underwater Force of the Naval Component of NATO.

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