Tax checks on those who exceed threshold thresholds

The fight against tax evasion and money laundering passes through the reduction of cash. As of January 1, the limit has been lowered again.

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It is now a declared strategy of the government, which aims to revolutionize payment systems by limiting the use of cash to flash. From 2022, the rules will be much stricter than they already are. The relentless fight against tax evasion will shift away from the use of traceable methods (cards, bank transfers), even in contexts closer to everyday life. And the news will concern not only who pays but also who receives the payments. In fact, traders will have to equip themselves with POS machines, perhaps taking advantage of the incentives available to the latest generation.

A joint effort, therefore, provided that the use of cash is less and less frequent. It is clear that the new restrictions will not immediately reset the amounts available for the cash balance. From January 1, payments under this method will only be allowed up to €999.99. If you need to get rid of more, It will be up to the tools that can be trackedCards of any kind, ATM, bank or postal transfer. All in the name of tracking big expenses.

Cash payments, restrictions from January 1st: no penalties for violators

So be careful. 2022 will be kind of Year Zero, considering it would be the first post-pandemic maneuver in the Draghi era. The Prime Minister himself has cited tax evasion as one of the worst evils in our country, thus eliminating the use of increasingly polished strategies to combat this as well as the risks of potential money laundering problems. Also for this reason, criticism will be limited There is even talk of removing 500 euros from banknotes most vulnerable to this phenomenon. However, for now, we’ll start with payment restrictions, and continue with a strategy that’s already been underway for some time. In fact, since July 1, 2020, it has already moved from the old 3 thousand euros accepted for one to 2000, a threshold valid until December 31, 2021.

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So, in short, the thresholds for January 1 have been lowered to a maximum of 1,000 euros. In fact, as mentioned, to be exact 999.99 euros. And be careful, because the tax office monitors everything, especially large payments. Yes, even cash. When very high withdrawals of funds occur, the financial lens will trigger investigations. As well as in the case of operations such as Payments that exceed the amount of money in stock at the expense of. Even at the stage of the tax return, everything should go smoothly: in the event of discrepancies between what was announced in 730 and the lifestyle of the taxpayer, the tax authorities will be able to proceed with the investigations. Basically, be careful not only about how much cash you buy but also about what.

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