How does security change by market? Hyundai USA vs Hyundai Mexico

How does security change by market?  Hyundai USA vs Hyundai Mexico

Usually when you buy a new car, you choose it based on design, consumption and power, often forgetting about safety – which should be a benchmark instead. However, vehicle safety varies from country to country And Global NCAP decided to prove it through a series of tests.

Safety standards change from continent to continent and even one The same model from one manufacturer can be incredibly differentDepending on where it was built, especially where it was sold. Take one Global NCAP for this exam Hyundai AccentIt is currently the cheapest sedan from the South Korean manufacturer available in the United States, and one Hyundai Grand i10The cheapest Hyundai sedan in Mexico.

Ironically, the Accent sold in the US is produced in Mexico, while the Grand i10 comes from India. Global NCAP experts crashed cars into each other and noticed how The Grand i10 chassis was more prone to collapse, even include the door area. The A-pillar is actually folded and the steering wheel is back in the passenger compartment. With only two airbags, . can The front protection level is close to zeroAccording to Global NCAP experts, the risk of fatal injury is very high for a vehicle sold in Mexico.

On the other hand, the Hyundai Accent achieved much better results, despite being an affordable car. In fact, it’s not the safest car on the market, but the chassis has held up well against bumps and She was able to protect all passengers. Then the six airbags did their dirty work, leading the Global NCAP to these conclusions: Accent’s occupants had come out of the crash with minor injuries, while the Grand i10’s occupants were seriously injured.

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According to Global NCAP, the reason depends a lot on the different regulations in place in the two countries, the United States and Mexico. Then we should also look at the needs of the market, as the producers focus on different aspects according to the market. Of course all this can not be an excuse, life is the same in every part of the world. Fortunately for us In Europe we have very high safety standards (This is why there are 0 Star Euro NCAP cars), it would be interesting to see an American car defying the European Union, and perhaps the next challenge for the Global NCAP.

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