Statistics and inaccurate sciences. Trilussa told us this in verse

“Marvels” of statistics

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Viterbo, 11.7.23

Do you remember the Trilussa sonnet? Good. The Romanesque poet, noting the results of a statistic that each citizen was allotted one chicken, said it could not be true, because one eats two and the other eats nothing.

The order of approval of the mayors of the metropolitan municipalities of Lazio gives first place to the mayor of Viterbo Chiara Frontini,

With what methodologies were placed the ore ranking of Il Sole 24 is not known, but seeing the mayor in first place in Lazio leaves us confused. It is agreed that the same arrangement records a decrease in approval rates of 8.5% from election day to today, but Lazio’s position of primacy looks at least strange.

We, who live in Viterbo, listen to people, listen to comments not only in the pub, but also in the most advanced circles, so we can say that confidence in Frontini is close to zero.

It is possible that other mayors of the cities of Lazio do worse, the Romans know it well and who find themselves as mayor Gualtieri a pure void.

Therefore, Frontini’s “primacy” may have been attested in the standard: “Petit Monoculi in the one-eyed land”.

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