Serie B 2023-24, Pisa flight. Debut against Lecco at home! Sampdoria away on the second day

Serie B 2023-24, Pisa flight.  Debut against Lecco at home!  Sampdoria away on the second day

The calendars for the 2023-24 Serie B season were presented tonight in Como, and here is the track for the Nerazzurri. Alberto Aquilani will make his first team debut against Lecco on August 19th. Sampdoria away on 26 August. An asymmetric calendar this year with the second round not coinciding with the first leg.

Here’s Giuseppe Corrado’s comment: “It’s a rivalry with Pisa, not a derby, but I get so envious seeing all these derby’s. The fans tell us they want to play with Fiorentina. To do that you have to go up a class. Since we haven’t been able to bring Fiorentina to the paddock yet, We brought in Aquilani. At the moment not much has changed, because we want the Nerazzurri coach to try the players. First, it will be Aquilani who will see the players in the training camp, then we will include the players who will adapt to his squad. We saw his work in Fiorentina Primavera and we were impressed.”

All matches:
outer round

Day 1: Pisa Lecco (19 August)
Day 2: Sampdoria – Pisa (26 August)
Day 3: Pisa Parma (29 August)
Day 4: Modena Pisa (2 September)
Day 5: Pizza Bari (16 September)
Day 6: Feralpisalò-Pisa September 23)
Day 7: Regiana of Pisa (26 September)
Day 8: Pisa Cosenza (30 September)
Day 9: Spezia Pisa (7 October)
Day 10: Pisa-Citadella (21 October)
Day 11: Venice of Pisa (28 October)
Day 12: Pisa Como (4 November)
Day 13: Sud Tyrol Pisa (11 November)
Day 14: Pisa-X (November 25)
Day 15: Pisa Cremonese (2 December)
Day 16: Catanzaro, Pisa (9 December)
Day 17: Palermo Pisa (16 December)
Day 18: Pisa Ascoli (23 December)
Day 19: Ternana Pisa (Day 26)

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return round
Day 20: Pisa Reggiana (13 January)
Day 21: Lecco Pisa (20 January)
Day 22: Pisa Spezia (27 January)
Day 23: Cosenza Pisa (3 February)
Day 24: Pisa Sampdoria (10 February)
Day 25: Parma Pisa (17 February)
Day 26: Pisa Venice (24 February)
Day 27: Pisa – Modena (27 February)
Day 28: Cittadella-Pisa (March 2)
Day 29: Pisa Ternana (March 9)
Day 30: Como Pisa (March 16)
Day 31: Pisa Palermo (1 April)
Day 32: x Pisa (6 April)
Day 33: Pisa Feralpisal (13 April)
Day 34: Bari Pisa (20 April)
Day 35: Pisa Catanzaro (27 April)
Day 36: Cremonese of Pisa (1 May)
Day 37: Besa Sud Tyrol (4 May)
Day 38: Ascoli Pisa (10 May)


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