“Investing in science for a new paradigm of agriculture” – Teleischia

Mantua, 30 September. – (Adnkronos) – “Confagricoltura believes that forces and resources must be focused in the direction that increases the well-being of the citizens, Italy, Europe and the world. If the world population increases, it is clear that the challenges that farmers must meet are close to impossible. Producing more with Conservation of natural resources is far from simple.It is therefore a process of change that must be accompanied, not only by rules that prohibit or limit, but also with rules that facilitate the activities of farmers.This was stated by Massimiliano Giansante, President of Confagricoltura, who is invited to participate in the discussion “Agriculture In Perspective”, the event organized by Syngenta on the occasion of the 6th edition of the Mantova Festival of Food and Science, National and International Scientific Publication 2016 Born Review.

Moreover, we believe that it is necessary to look more and more at science and research – continued Giansanti – for many years we have not sufficiently strengthened scientific and research activities and have not accepted what has been suggested by the technological presentation of the progress of genetics. . The new agricultural model should certainly provide for a reduction in the use of pesticides, but at the same time it should be a model consisting of treatment and prevention, made possible by technology, which allows farmers through sensors and satellites to do extraordinary things. We just need to create the right conditions – as the Confagricoltura president said – because imposing the veto regardless doesn’t go in the right direction’.

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