State of Play: All the news and PlayStation games from the event, from Silent Hill to Death Stranding

State of Play: All the news and PlayStation games from the event, from Silent Hill to Death Stranding

After a long wait, Sony has finally revealed which major video games will be arriving on PlayStation in the coming months. Through its January 2024 State of Play, the Japanese giant took stock of the situation, showing more than 15 experiences that will be arriving on PlayStation 5 in the coming weeks, including exclusives and non-exclusives.

An answer that many are waiting for, after Microsoft's announcements were made during Developer_direct and Nintendo is on autopilot waiting for the best moment to announce Switch 2.

Enough chatter, let's find out All the games and news from State of Play for January 2024.

January 2024 State of Play

One of the most anticipated games in State of Play in January 2024

We start off strong right away with Hell Divers 2, an absolutely amazing cooperative shooter full of monsters, weapons and explosions. From the quick trailer, you won't understand much, except that there will be fun in the company of friends, with dozens of monsters to eliminate, even on board armored vehicles. Helldivers 2 arrives February 8 on PS5.

The event was briefly introduced by Hermen Holst, head of PlayStation Studios, who appeared to replace the resigned Jim Ryan. After a few formal words the ball is passed to Star blade, a third-person action game with a strong Japanese theme and full of action and story. Stellar Blade will be set in an apocalyptic future where beautiful girls work together to liberate a high-tech world, but on the brink of disaster. In Zion live the last survivors fighting on the edge of the wasteland, gathering materials, upgrading weapons and gradually exploring new parts of the lands.

As always, events on the field will be interspersed with more narrative stages in which you can get to know a variety of supporting characters, as well as improve, customize and strengthen the protagonist. Obviously, there will be no shortage of battles against giant bosses. Stellar Blade will be released on April 26.

The pace and atmosphere definitely changes thanks to the new Sonic. Colourful, fast and apparently cooperative. In the clip we see two blue hedgehogs and even their black version, Shadow. Continuing the rotation between 2D and 3D chapters, SEGA has announced Sonic X Shadow Generations, a new 3D action platformer.

We move to another product with a strong anime imprint, Zenlis zero area, the latest creation from Hoyoverse, the creators of Genshin Impact. In this case, January's State of Play announcement indicates that the game is in development for PS5.

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Can't miss it Foamstars, the fun, foam-based third-person online shooter created by Square Enix is ​​free to all PS Plus subscribers in February. We tried it recently.

Dave the diverone of the best indie adventures of the past year, is coming to PS4 and PlayStation 5. More precisely, it will be in April and will be equipped with new content, such as a massive DLC dedicated to Godzilla that will be available starting from May.

Another leap of logic and we move into disturbing survival with an isometric shot that seems very much inspired by the Diablo series, with a vampire splash. V-Rising will arrive in 2024.

Shawne Benson makes the grand return of Silent Hill, one of Konami's most famous names. True to tradition, video games in this series do not skimp on atmosphere and moments of real and emotional tension. You see dozens of disturbing rooms, monsters and disturbing situations. Except – surprise – it's not a remake, it's a Silent Hill SMSa free-to-play experience coming soon to PlayStation 5 that should bring players closer to this beloved saga, which has been on hold for a very long time now.

The whole thing is an appetizer for the remake Silent Hill 2, a classic video game that takes up one of the most beloved chapters in the series. In this case the view returns to third-person perspective and you can revisit the mix of combat, puzzles and tension that made the game immortal. As well as the soundtrack and the famous siren. For now, we're still seeing very little, so much so that the announcement suggests the game is in development for PlayStation 5.

Judas the visionary
Judas the visionary

We move on to the new creation of Kevin Levin, creator of Bioshock. Judah It seems to rehash all the themes that made the American author famous: a compelling story, a visionary universe, and plenty of action. Even the technical sector looks very respectable and seems to combine shooting games with a role-playing element that guarantees the hero a full series of powers. Although it looks very advanced graphically, Judas still has no release date.

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Vertigo Games presents the new Metro, the latest chapter in the video game series based on the novels of the same name by Dmitry Glukhovsky. Also in this case we find ourselves in post-nuclear Russia where we will have to try to survive among mutant monsters and crazy humans. Metro Awakening It will arrive in 2024 on PS VR2.

We stay in the VR realm with a role-playing game entirely in VR with a decidedly classic atmosphere, very similar to that of Skyrim. The soundtrack also sounds epic, as does the cutting-edge combat system. to Mythical tales It will arrive on February 8 on PS VR2.

Capcom is using the January 2024 State of Play to evaluate the game's development Dragon's Doctrine 2, the highly anticipated “Western” RPG. The trailer focuses on an amazing battle that showcases the many skills of the player and his pawns, as well as an excellent graphics section filled with massive effects and enemies. Dragon's Dogma 2 is coming March 22.

communicate with Rise of the Ronin, the new product from Team Ninja in collaboration with PlayStation Studios. It is an RPG with a Japanese setting where you will control a character capable of exploiting classic ninja agility with a whole series of advanced techniques, such as flying wings and grappling hooks, which will allow him to move quickly as well as climb by plane over the rooftops of the city or on the back of a horse.

There will be no shortage of battles to the death, one of the elements that made Team Ninja famous, where bladed weapons can be mixed with magic and modern technologies such as rifles and primitive flamethrowers. Technologically, Rise of the Ronin doesn't look like the best product in PlayStation's catalog, but Team Ninja's ability to create engaging and fun gameplay should be a guarantee of quality. The game will be released on March 22 on PS5.

Another much-talked about remake of this state of play is coming in January 2024. Let's talk about it Until dawn, a scary adventure inspired by teen horror films of a few years ago. It is undoubtedly one of the best games in this genre, which returns in an improved version on PC and PS5 during 2024.

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Kojima presents Death Stranding and the new game

The technology in Death Stranding 2 is amazing
The technology in Death Stranding 2 is amazing

The show ends with one of Sony's greatest “allies”, Hideo Kojima, which brought the new Death Stranding 2 trailer to State of Play in January 2024. As always, it's a gem of direction, music, and graphics that only shuffle the cards that will then be explained in the full game. First we see a strange corpse, a child spitting drones, and finally, the return of Sam Bridges, the hero of the first act played by Norman Reedus.

The trailer appears Truly cutting-edge graphics, both in capturing the faces of the stars that Kojima brought together for the occasion, and in creating a very believable game world. There's no shortage of the typical Kojima craziness, plus the atmosphere and soundstage actually sound exciting. Sam will return to explore the wilderness to unite America and prevent humanity from extinction. like? We'll have to find out by unraveling the usual and very complex strand. There will be new vehicles, many of which resemble Metal Gear, and many issues that will need to be examined, such as machines wanting to take the place of humanity and the impact of weapons and violence on our society. In the trailer, you can't help but notice the over-the-top crazy characters, choreography and Kojima's classic stylistic and narrative ideas. Death Stranding 2 – On the Beach It will arrive in 2025.

Hideo Kojima then personally closes the event Announcing a new game, a new IP, Physint, which is an action and espionage game created in cooperation with Sony. It's the same “genre” as Metal Gear Solid, its most famous creation, which this time It will develop not only in video games, but also in cinema and music. All areas in which Sony excels. Physint will be an interactive game that will bring together talent from all over the world and will be supported by Sony with all its technology and facilities, like those of Columbia Pictures.

Before the greetings there is space to announce one The February 6 State of Play is for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

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