Starfield: Remake was created in 48 hours and also makes us fly from the planet into space

Starfield: Remake was created in 48 hours and also makes us fly from the planet into space

Starfield It took approx 25 years to be createdif we start counting from the moment Todd Howard had the first ideas for a space game. thrilldawil Instead create Remake of Starfield in 48 hours. Obviously we are not talking about a complete and true remake, but not even an adaptation as you might think. The creator has already created a game – or rather a demo of it – in two games, inspired by the Bethesda game.

In “Starfield Remake” this is possible Planetary exploration (Not individual maps, but entire planets), complete main and secondary quests, with dialogue options, collecting items and even combat with the ship and firearms.

The most surprising part is the fact that it is possible Travel directly from the surface of the planet into open space (and vice versa). There are no menus and no fast travel to move around, which was criticized by some Starfield players in the Bethesda game. Ships in the fictional Starfield have different speeds depending on where you want to move.

Starfield, remake but not really

Obviously, the level of detail in Starfield is significantly superior

This is clearly a new version of Starfield It’s not really the entire Starfield. It’s just an incomplete little game that tests the technical limits of the systems being used.

Obviously the standard of care e.g to improve From this experience it is what you can expect from a project completed in two days. If you really want to bring everything up to Starfield quality, there will likely be various technical issues and it will take much longer to complete the work.

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However, we repeat that it was created in 48 hours by one person. Therefore, it is a Noticeable result You can try it by subscribing to ThrillDaWill’s Patreon.

Continuing on the topic of curiosity, we would like to point out that Starfield is packaged with freeze-dried “space” ice cream in the USA.

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