Ukraine Live – Putin: “Political persecution against Trump.” Kim Jong Un is in Russia. Vatican peacekeeping mission, Zubi goes to China

Ukraine Live – Putin: “Political persecution against Trump.”  Kim Jong Un is in Russia.  Vatican peacekeeping mission, Zubi goes to China

Explosions in Zaporizhia

Explosions were heard this morning Zaporozhye: Report it RBC-UkraineThe city and the region of the same name are reportedly currently on air alert due to a missile threat. According to the regional state administration ZaporozhyeRussian forces launched a missile attack on the area at around 12:27 local time (11:27 Italian time). The missile, the type of which is not yet known, landed in an open area. There is currently no information about any injuries or victims.

Putin: Sending tanks to Prague and Budapest was a mistake

there Russia He admits foreign policy mistakes From the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics Soviet tanks in Hungary And Czechoslovakia: This was announced by the Russian President Russian President Vladimir Putin During the plenary session of the Eastern Economic Forum. We have long recognized that this is part of the policysoviet union It was a mistake and it only resulted To escalate from tensions, He said Put it inin response to the moderator of the discussion who quoted the Czech and Hungarian authorities as saying that “Union of Soviet Socialist Republics You acted like a colonialist when you brought the tanks there Prague And Budapest“. TASS reported this. the WestFirstly United StateIt is moving in its foreign policy along the same pathsoviet unionWhile no one should do anything that sharply contradicts the interests of other countries, the Russian President declared during the plenary session of the Eastern Economic Forum, speaking about the Soviet Union’s decision to send troops to… Czechoslovakia in 1968 and in Hungary in 1956. “One should avoid doing anything in the field of Policy foreign it’s clear conflict With the interests of other countries. This is exactly the rake that the leading countries from the WestHe stressed that the United States, especially the United States, is constantly trampling.

China: “More cooperation with North Korea in various fields”

there China Working to deepen cooperation with north korea In “different camps”: arrival day Russia From the leader Kim Jong Un With expectations of meeting with Vladimir Put it inofficial spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Mao Ning The reports said Beijing-Pyongyang “They are developing well and both sides are doing important things consent reached by the leaders of the two countries. China And north korea He added that they are “working to deepen bilateral exchanges and cooperation in various fields and push towards the continuation of relations to achieve greater development.” Mao In the daily briefing.

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Putin: “Political persecution against Trump”

Judicial investigations against Donald Trump In the United States of America They are “persecuted for political reasons.” So said the Russian president Russian President Vladimir Putin Speaking at the Eastern Economic Forum A Vladivostok. However, he added Put it inWhoever is the president, there will be no fundamental changes in the country’s policy United State Toward Russia“. Trump card He said he could resolve the conflict in Ukraine within days if re-elected as president, but did not provide details about his possible approach. “We heard Mr. Trump say he would resolve the most pressing problems within a few days, including the Ukraine crisis. Well, this can only lead happiness. Putin said: “It is a good thing,” noting that his country has poor relations with Russia United State They are unlikely to change significantly no matter who becomes president. He said: “It is difficult for us to say what to expect from the future, regardless of who will be president, but it is unlikely that anything will change radically.” Put it in. According to a leader Kremlinadministration Biden It instilled a strong bias against Russia “It will be a lot.” difficult To reverse their course.” In the 2024 will be held Presidential elections Also in Russia; When asked whether he would run for a new term after assuming power, as president or prime minister since 2000, Putin replied: today “We’ll talk about that,” he replied Parliament Russian The election date will have been set.

The Kremlin: “Talks between Kim and Putin on sensitive topics”

Russian President Russian President Vladimir Putin And the North Korean leader Kim Jong Eun They will talk about it cooperation bilateral In various fields, but also on “sensitive” issues. This is what the Kremlin spokesman said Dmitry PeskovIn addition to that Put it in He is also ready to talk about UN sanctions against it Pyongyang. As for warnings Washington Concerning the sale of weapons to North Korea RussiaAnd Moscow and Pyongyang“They will be guided by their interests.” Above all, issues related to bilateral relations will be discussed there cooperationand trade links cheap, and cultural exchanges. There will certainly be an intense exchange of views on the situation in the region and international affairs in general, because this is in the interests of Putin and our host. Pyongyang“, He said peskov, The TASS news agency reported the meeting between Putin and Kim, which is scheduled to take place tomorrow. “Of course, being neighbours, our countries work in certain sensitive areas that cannot be disclosed or announced publicly,” the spokesman emphasized. He added that Russia is ready to discuss sanctions if necessary UN Security Council against the north korea. Commenting on the warning from White House Against the sale of weapons Russia by North Korea, Peskov He said he was not interested in comments Washington. He added: “We will be guided by the interests of our two countries.”

Vatican peace mission, Zubi departs for China

Matteo Zupi – Cardinal BolognaPresident of the CEI and the Pope’s Special Envoy for Peace in Ukraine – today leaves for Chinaas the final stage of the required task Vatican To put an end to the conflict. His journey comes after stopping at Washington, He flies And Kyiv. According to what we know, he will meet with Chinese institutional leaders tomorrow, in particular Premier Li Qiang.

Putin: Relations between Moscow and Beijing are at unprecedented levels

Relationships between He flies And Beijing It has already reached an unprecedented level: the Russian President said that, Russian President Vladimir PutinThis was during his meeting with the Chinese Vice Premier Zhang Guoqing On the sidelines of the eighth Eastern Economic Forum held in Egypt Vladivostok. Report it tax. Put it in He stressed that he “particularly” appreciated the fact that it was the Chinese President’s first international visit Xi Jinping After he was elected in Russia. “This is a sign that relations between the two countries have improved in recent years Russia And China “It has reached an absolutely unprecedented historical level,” he commented. Russia and the China They will continue to “work together.”

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Kim Jong Un has arrived in Russia: he is expected to meet with Putin

At approximately four o’clock in the evening, Italian time, the special convoy carrying the Korean leader set off Kim Jong Un Arrived in Russia. Even the Kremlin spokesman Dmitry PeskovHe confirmed his arrival. the television Russia-1 It showed pictures of the train he was traveling on Kim While crossing the bridge over A riverWith green carts pulled by A locomotive Russian. According to television information taken from InterfaxThe convoy passed through the station “in complete secrecy.” Chasan, located in Russian territory near the border, then continues on the Trans-Siberian Railway. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that the meeting was with the Russian President Russian President Vladimir Putin It will be held infar EastBut he did not specify where.

North Korea’s official news agency We wereA report has been written about this Kim He boarded his personal train to Russia In the afternoon The conference venue was held on Sunday, accompanied by members of the ruling party, the government and the army. After decades of complicated and volatile relationships, Russia And north korea They became closer after the invasion Ukraine By Moscow in 2022. The bond is driven on the one hand by the need to Put it in Of war supplies and on the other hand through efforts Kim To strengthen its partnerships with its traditional allies He flies And Beijing In an attempt to escape diplomatic isolation.

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