GTA 6 has already become a record breaker: the announcement post achieves amazing results

GTA 6 has already become a record breaker: the announcement post achieves amazing results

Just to show the frenetic anticipation that exists all around us GTA 6 Just look at the numbers that are simply recorded mail Including the announcement of the next trailer in December, which garnered a large amount of… Impressive likes and views.

As we reported in the last few hours, confirming an earlier scoop from Bloomberg, Rockstar Games has practically announced GTA 6, stating that the first presentation will be published at the beginning of December, but without providing a specific date for when that will be. is shown.

It was a short and concise message, containing not even a single reference to the new game: it had no pictures, no logo, and did not even mention the specific title of the new chapter, talking only about the “next chapter ‘Grand Theft Auto’.”

A short message, but it got to the point

In short, it is really a very brief article, but it was enough to unleash the enthusiasm of an audience that has been waiting for years for information about GTA 6. This is easily evident by the numbers reached in these few hours of publication: the publication is actually close to 90 One million views and it has passed 1 million likes On X.

According to what some observers reported, it will be Most liked post Always on the message of video games, even if the scale on this is somewhat uncertain. What’s certain is that the short message had the disruptive effect that Rockstar Games clearly wanted to achieve.

Also note the various responses to the post, including a message from Devolver Digital, which wrote in its usual sarcastic style, “Need a publisher? Our DMs are available.” But we also see one from Xbox claiming to “appreciate an early gift” around Christmas and a “Let’s Goooo” from PlayStation UK. At this point, we’re waiting to find out when the trailer will actually be released next month.

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