Official matches and dates for the second half of the month –

Official matches and dates for the second half of the month –

Update: Microsoft finally officially announced games Xbox Game Pass Access to the catalog A March 2022 to second half of the monthwhich significantly confirms what previously emerged from the leak but with an interesting addition, to tell the previously known fact.

So the expected titles remain those previously reported as well as the addition of Crusader Kings 3 on Xbox Series X | S, with one day on Game Pass console release for Paradox’s excellent strategic historical setting. So here is the summary of the games that will arrive in the second half of March 2022 for Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass subscribers, with release dates is expected:

  • Shredders (Cloud, PC, Xbox Series X | S) – March 17
  • Naheulbeuk’s Dungeon: Chaos Amulet (cloud, console and PC) – March 17
  • The contaminated cup: Conquest (Consul) – March 22
  • Zero Escape: The Nonary Games (Cloud, Console and PC) – March 22
  • Norco (PC) – March 24
  • F1 2021 (Console) EA Play – Mar 24
  • Crusader Kings III (Xbox Series X | S) – March 29
  • Odd West (cloud, console, and PC) – March 31

Regarding the leak, the release dates for the single games have also been announced, and there is the official add-on for Crusaders Kings III, which appears to be a next-generation game exclusively, labeled as an “Xbox Series X|S” title and not a “Console”, as it is. Usually the case with cross games.

For the rest, as we saw earlier, this second edition of the month has a lot of variety between RPGs, strategy, car games, adventures and snowboarding games, so there really is something for everyone.

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Original article:

Through a leak from Billbil-kun, one of the famous leakers, we have the opportunity to find out what the . file is Free Xbox Game Pass games for the second half of March 2022. Here is the list and details.

The free games Billbil-kun shared in the second half of March 2022 on Xbox Game Pass are:

So it will be seven matches. However, some of them were already well known, such as Shredders: the game has been announced as part of Xbox Game Pass for some time. For now we remind you that what is being reported is just a rumor, but Belbel Kon He is a well-known leaker who has been sharing a slate of Xbox Game Pass, PS Plus, Xbox Live Gold, and more for several months.

There is nothing left to do but Wait for the official news From Microsoft, which will confirm or decline the Xbox Game Pass list of free games for the second half of March 2022. Tell us, what do you think of these video games? Are you interested or were you hoping for something better?

If you want to know what games have recently become available, here’s our column for Xbox Game Pass.

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